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  1. Server is in its LAST day of Beta, Come Join us. we are rewarding beta testers when we go live...!! RPGTekkit.com
  2. <--- Avatar FAIL LOL Tekkit is easier when you wrIte your own plugins.. What i did was disable the use of some items in my protected areas, like spawn, and only allowed exploding items to actually break blocks when they are 10,000 blocks out from spawn. Explosions will still hurt players no matter where they go off, but they wont destroy blocks in any protected areas on my server including server land AND protected player areas as players can protect a 31x31 chunk of land from bedrock to sky by simply placing a web on the ground. Here is a list of the Item ID's I have placed res
  3. No your wrong, one is how much to start with and the other is the MAX to use, so in his case he only needs 3gb to run with his settings..
  4. Umm You better learn... Latency is caused by an overworked server not lag .. Google is your friend... Lag is a common word meaning to fail to keep up or to fall behind.[1] In real-time applications, the term is used when the application fails to respond in a timely fashion to inputs.[2][3] The most common use regards online gaming when the game doesn't respond in sync with the player's controls, usually due to a slow internet connection, server latency or overworked hardware. Lag is also often used in reference to video games to describe the delay (or latency) between an action by a playe
  5. Another idiot LOL You cant say No Lag you don't have control of the client or their internet connection.. You better go Google "Game Lag"
  6. New server - PLAY.RPGTEKKIT.COM Website - www.rpgminecraft.com (Read the rules there and see ALL the commands!) This is the ultimate tekkit server. Pro Hosted, 96 GB Ram, SSD Driven, 24 Cores of Xeon goodness! = No Latency HUGE Main world 40 Billion Blocks! 100k,100k to -100k,-100k (Do the MATH) All Items enabled (Some need to be placed by Admins) - Donors get the better items of course. 14 Custom Plugins specifically made for Tekkit. Re-Modded Mods for better SMP play 3rd Party Plugins : Citizens Mob Disguise Chest Shops Jump Sticks Factions MultiWorld War (5 A
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