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Making a save SSP/SMP


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I have come across a lot of maps that people have not been able to play on tekkit because they were released as smp saves. well this is a guide for map creators/users in converting a world save for ssp, smp, or both.


  1. unzip the map folder if you haven't already. there should be 3 folders: world, world_nether, and world_the_end.
  2. open up world, world_nether and world_the_end in seperate windows.
  3. copy and paste DIM1 and DIM-1 into the world folder.
  4. rename the world folder whatever you want, put into your saves folder and enjoy!


  1. unzip the world save folder.
  2. rename the folder "world" and create two folders, named "world_nether" and "world_the_end"
  3. copy and paste all the files in world to world_nether except for region and DIM1
  4. copy and paste all the files in world to world_the_end except for region and DIM_1
  5. if there is already these folders in the server's folder, DELETE THEM BEFORE INSTALLING THE SAVE!!!
  6. put world, world_nether and world_the_end into the folder that contains the server program, run the server and enjoy!

unfortunately, porting to technic is a bit more complicated because technic has different mods and different block/item ids, so a tekkit map is only tekkit, and technic maps are only technic. bug the map dev to make a version for the other pack!

by following that guide, you can make a map uploaded in ssp or smp format into a save that can be installed as either! yippee!

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