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I want to play on a Tekkit server, and have found one, that supposedly runs Tekkit 3.1.2

I have started up my Technic launcher and in my options, have selected Tekkit 3.1.2


I get no notifications of any updates. But when I try to join the server it says I dont have the mods.

Then I get this in the corner of my startup after loggin in


When I try to join this server that runs 3.1.2 with a tekkit that is supposedly 3.1.2 I ge this error:

http://cl.ly/image/0d0F0r14433X Please Help.

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In the first login screen of the technic launcher, does the logo in upper left say Technic or Tekkit? The logo is a drop down list and should be set to Tekkit.

Also on a 3.1.2 server the radio button for "Always use recommended builds" should work at this time for 3.1.2|1.2.5.

"Always use development builds" also worked for me on 3.1.2 server, but existing waypoints disappeared when switching back and forth between recommended and development builds. So for now I leave it on recommended.

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