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Advice on password protected doors and security systems


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Hi There!

I'm new to the forum so hello everyone!

We've just started a Tekkit server and are playing none stop since it started, one problem on the server is that I don't trust my friends when it comes to steeling my precious ores and machines.

Now I know I can just use a "personal safe" to store things of value but I wanted to be a bit more creative than that. So to step up the creativity I created a computercraft password protected reinforced room. This worked great apart from one small problem... anyone carring around a lever can simply drop the lever down and boom they've got access to my lovely selection of goodies.

Does anyone know any nice ways of stopping the use of levers? Maybe some way of rerouting the redstone current the lever produces (to a nova catalyst laying under a thin layer of dirt!!)

Any suggestions would be great.


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Uh, just use a force field instead of a door?

A door is silly anyway. Diamond pick will break through it (or your reinforced walls) in less than a minute, making your setup not protective at all. In fact, even force fields do little more than to deter a knowledgeable robber for an extra few minutes.

If you want actual 100% secure items, you MUST use a personal safe, or an alchemy bag (if you have EE).

Or perhaps a chest buried 30,000 blocks out from spawn, with an owner who makes sure they aren't followed when accessing it... would be 98% secure, probably.

Or a chest 30,000 blocks out with an ender chest delivery system and a remote passcode system, would be 90% secure without wireless redstone, and maybe 60% secure with it.

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Or a chest 30,000 blocks out with an ender chest delivery system and a remote passcode system, would be 90% secure without wireless redstone, and maybe 60% secure with it.

Haha I love this idea!

Cheers gavjenks, I wasn't aware of forcefields might give them a go. It was more of a fun deterrence, if I can make it difficult it's funny to see if they've tried! Maybe try using ComputerCraft to create a counter based on a movement sensor... like a form of CCTV. Maybe if it's possible find out which player tripped the sensor??

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Yes, if youre interested in the ender system, WITHOUT using (trackable/sniffable) wireless redstone, then do something like this:

Side near spawn:

You have two ender chests. That's all. One is for putting in your "password" and the other for receiving your items.

Side in the middle of nowhere:

Same two ender chests. The "password" one is hooked to a transposer that is constantly given power from a timer. The tube then goes through a sorting machine and four item detectors. Pick two random items (like a crossbreeding crop stick, and a sapling), and put them in your sorter/two of yourdetectors. Hook these up to a couple RS latches and an AND gate.

Now, only when the correct two items are placed in the chest, tripping the item detectors and thus fulfilling both sides of the AND gate, will the "okay" signal be sent. When it is, a filter rapidly dumps the entire contents of your secure chest into the second ender chest, for you to access at the base near spawn.

When you're done, you put the "all done" item in the password chest (e.g. a dirt block), and it gets detected (by the third detector), and the system pumps all the items rapidly from the ender chest back into the secure 30,000 block away chest.

And finally: make a fourth detector which will detect ANY item. Anything they put in the password chest that is not one of your special password items will trip this detector, and it is wired to reset both of the RS latches (so that if they just spam your password chest with random crap, it won't work. You need to put in the correct 2 items in order)

Note: obviously, the remote station would need to be kept loaded with a world anchor.

EDIT: For bonus unnecessary overkill nerdy tekkit points: Make it 30,000 blocks out in the End, instead, and hide the entire thing inside of a naturally occurring oil spring =P

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I'm so going to use that Ender password system for something.

Anyways, for the actual door thing you asked about. You can use an inverter and a redstone torch to make the door always "open", so if they throw down a lever then it won't work no matter which side they put it on. Also I think that you could do a bit of fancy work with RS NOR Latches to create a kind of "check" system that overrides it. You could also use microblocks and redwire to block the current (stick red wire on the bottom of the block and use a glass panel cover to stop the current from going to the door block, and use a corner block/panel strip in front of the door to stop it there), though I'm not sure if that will work seeing as I haven't tested it.

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