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[3.1.2]OrgasMC Gaming[Hardcore PvP/SMP][150slots][Open][Multiverse/Factions/LWC/Economy][EE enabled]


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Teamspeak3: ts24.gamespeak.com:9310

Website: www.orgasmc.net

After 7 months of running a successful Minecraft server, we at OrgasMC Gaming have decided to convert to Tekkit! We run multiple worlds to accommodate PvP and SMP players with access to Nether and End worlds.We have a mature staff team and owners who strive to provide the ultimate gaming experience for our wonderful community.

All Tekkit mods are enabled on OrgasMC however we have banned several items from various mods in order to keep a stable server and balanced playing field (banned items are listed at the end of this post). We have attempted to ban as few items as possible by modifying our Bukkit API to include EE items, nerfing several OP items such as the Catalytic Lens and disabling item dupes in RM furnaces, Transmutation Tablets etc. We do not tolerate cheating or hacks and also use several plugins to prevent such things as grief and combat logging.

In addition to the Tekkit mods we also run several other plugins to create a unique and enjoyable gameplay. These include Factions and PvP rewards in the PvP world; Grief Prevention in the SMP world; also ChestShop and WebAuction+ for all your shopping needs!

OrgasMC is hosted in the US and can support up to 200 players.

Server specifications:

Dual Intel Xeon E5-2630 (2.3Ghz @ 24 cores)

64gb DDR3 Memory

2x 128gb SSD

100TB Bandwidth @ 1 Gbps

Banned Items

Banned due to their potential to bypass grief protections, lag/damage the server or simply create unbalanced gameplay:

  • Abyss Helmet
  • Infernal Armour
  • Mercurial Eye
  • Evertide Amulet
  • Volcanite Amulet
  • Ring Of Ignition
  • Ring of Arcana
  • Computer
  • Watch Of Flowing Time
  • Dimensional Anchor
  • World Anchor
  • Anchor Cart
  • Teleport Tether
  • Buildcraft Pipes

Banned due to item duping:

  • Duplicator
  • Black Hole Band
  • Void Ring

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Computers are banned on most servers as they pose a massive security risk in a multiplayer environment.

Personally, I love computers (just come see my spawn :P ) but I can't trust players not to write custom Python scripts to crash the server. Sorry. :(

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This is a great server Ive been on it around 8 months and have never gotten bored of it, and now im even more hooked that it has gone tekkit. The Owners, Admins and Mods are all nice people and always lend a helping hand to anyone and everyone.

If you haven't been here then why not check it out!

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Great server. OrgasMC has a very, very beautiful spawn, friendly staff/owners, and an interesting community. The implemented rank system is very fair and balanced, which bans Swiftwolf's Rending Gale for n00bs. A server where EVERYONE has Swiftwolf's is not a very good one to play.Not many items are banned. Which is nice. It's defiantly worth a look-see - and then another... Forever. :) OrgasMC #1! Come play.

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This server = amazing, I don't know how they do it, but everything surprises me :). I have played on this server for around 9-10 months now and I can't stay off of it. Once you are on, you are hooked. The staff are awesome, the people are awesome, the game is awesome. What more is there to like about a server?

If you have not tried this server, then get on it. Otherwise you will regret it forever! OrgasMC, #1 tekkit server in the world!

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Only certain BuildCraft pipes have been banned. We do not wish to disable the mod altogether, however we have clear proof that it consumes a good percentage of our main thread thus causing some serious lag issues for our server mostly due to overflowing entities. We do have plugins installed to help with the issues caused by BuildCraft but they are just not enough, especially when you can use Redpower as a substitute in many cases. Redpower systems are much cleaner and work far more intelligently than BC, they are a little more fool proof; making them great for players that are new to Tekkit :)

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Hey Milky, should give RedPower a shot, for everything you can do in BC its easily done in RP. The majority of the younger/less experienced players who whine about BC pipes being banned never really have an argument that provides much depth. They usually say "It took me 7 hours of YouTube tutorials to learn BC pipes and now you want me to use this strange part of Tekkit called RedPower, what is this madness?".

Don't think that i'm insulting you in anyway because you seem to at least be willing to learn :P I'm stating that for the 5% of players who whine and carry on about BC pipes there is the other 95% of the community who would prefer a server without the added lag from BuildCraft.

Anyway, I hope you come to check the server out. You might like it!!

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