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The End in Blightfall


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I used Eyes of Ender to find a stronghold and, lo and behold, there was a REAL END PORTAL! (not spoiling the cool stuff at the 'fake' stronghold). (portal had no eyes so needed a full 12 to open)

The portal took me to a regular End island, dragon and all, but with one key difference: it's Sky biome, not End biome, so you can't get free Ender Air or Ender Shards, and normal mobs spawn all over the place. I didn't check to see if any End ores spawned, but there were plenty of Ender Lilies.

The stronghold was well off the map and apparently not supposed to be one of the things you'll find, but I did find that it was rather odd that the stronghold consisted of literally nothing but the portal room sitting on the ocean floor.

As the map is generated in a rather strange way, I can't guarantee that it'll appear the same on every world without testing.

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