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  1. Might not be the best idea to update to the newest version. Passive plant withering is forced now AFAIK, so unless you find a mana-generating flower somewhere early-game Botania may be much more difficult than the pack originally intended. And yes, there is a free mana-gen flower hidden around. At least one. A pretty good one too. I've also heard of issues with the Corporea system, but given how fast Vazkii gets stuff done it might be fixed already.
  2. To be sure, try mining at one of the ore caches. Tech ores, including tin, are much more common there. Of course this means you've hacked in a tin ore to unlock the cache locations...
  3. I used Eyes of Ender to find a stronghold and, lo and behold, there was a REAL END PORTAL! (not spoiling the cool stuff at the 'fake' stronghold). (portal had no eyes so needed a full 12 to open) The portal took me to a regular End island, dragon and all, but with one key difference: it's Sky biome, not End biome, so you can't get free Ender Air or Ender Shards, and normal mobs spawn all over the place. I didn't check to see if any End ores spawned, but there were plenty of Ender Lilies. The stronghold was well off the map and apparently not supposed to be one of the things you'll find, but I did find that it was rather odd that the stronghold consisted of literally nothing but the portal room sitting on the ocean floor. As the map is generated in a rather strange way, I can't guarantee that it'll appear the same on every world without testing.
  4. Turn cheats on (open to LAN -> cheats: on) and do /hqm edit. This gives you a "Quest Book: OP Edition" which allows you to complete quests for free. Hidden quests, like the Paranormalist's mob hunting quests or unlocking The Dark One quest line must still be done manually, however. EDIT: Use /hqm edit (was originally wrong)
  5. Actually, the boss drops some neat stuff: Dagger of Sacrifice, Blood Rune, Imperfect Ritual Stone, Elemental Inscription Tool: Air, Sanguine Robes (damaged). The Sanguine Robes are what above poster meant. It's not the best, but gives a small vis discount if you care.
  6. It appears your HQM data got corrupted somehow. This isn't unheard of, though it does mean you have to delete the HQM player data for that world. Afterwards you can use /hqm edit to give yourself your quests back.
  7. Go into the minetweaker scripts folder, look around until you find a part that removes the dynamo recipes, and remove or comment out those lines. If that doesn't work, try doing /minetweaker reload and check the recipes again.
  8. This is incorrect. While you cannot remove the Tainted Land biome without an Ethereal Bloom or planting another Silverwood Tree, the biome itself does not create Fibrous Taint or even Tainted Mobs (I think... I've seen regular mobs running amidst the taint on rare occasions). The best way to prevent Fibrous Taint from entering an area is to block it off with non-solid blocks, such as glass (which is why the biodomes are made of glass, other than that they're biodomes). Other solutions could be slabs, stairs, corners, covers, or anything else that includes a non-solid block face. Just be aware that if a block does have a solid face, the Fibrous Taint can and will spread to that face if it is not covered (which is why stairs are not the best solution; the wall would have to be two blocks thick).
  9. The Ember Heart is obtained by breaking a Blaze Spawner, usually found in Nether Fortresses. However, there is no Nether here, so unless there is one somewhere on the map or there is a special way of making one, no Nethermind for you.
  10. The only truly dangerous parts about villages is the Guards. That's when you grab that nice Machine Gun request and snipe snipe snipe. Works until you run out of bullets, anyway. And they're not all that expensive either, if you have access to manganese. Also, there are Pure Daisies in the areas of some villages (with mystical flowers!) which are also very valuable. As for the blooms, you get a couple from every non-biodome scout location you come across. Use cobblestone covers as a form of cheap wall (place them flat on the ground), and your blooms can work entirely on the offensive.
  11. Kind of an old topic, but considering that this is probably better than making a whole new one to show off my favorite... 1. Omega. All the way. Smack in the middle of the ocean, surface available by laddering, instant boat accessibility, and near one of the ore caches. Only downside is lack of wheat/barley to start with but easily remedied with sailing to Beta. In addition, you've got a nice spot to jump right down to the lower mining levels, and since you're under the ocean, orichalcum. Did I mention the visible block of Iron Ore right on the rim? 2. In my Omega world I used Damascus Steel. Easy to get if you find copper and tin, though substitutable for normal Steel if you decide that heading into the tundra for manganese is worth it. On second thought, it probably is. I just lucked out. I suppose it doesn't help that I found Platinum and used that to skip directly to Desichalkos either. (I boated to the volcano island and performed Ultimate Tunnelling to get Deep Iron for soft metal) 3. I don't. Somehow I manage with a very cramped underwater biodome. Though if I did, it would likely be in the form of a wooden platform on top of said biodome. Or maybe I'll move my base to my cleaned up swamp island. Or the large amount of Mushroom Island I cleared out (and cleverly walled with Cobblestone Covers). 4. I like to prioritize getting a Kitchen set up ASAP, so that I never have to worry about that. Before my 'grace period' of "the last 2.5 hunger" went up though, Toast. Yesh. 5. My iron armor is almost broke. I KNEW my Atlarus and Adamantite mining runs would be for something! (In another world, I got Oureclase armor, and it's pretty good)