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  1. it the quest is no longer requiring you to goto that location then there is no reason to go back to the beta quest location you can just collect the reward. and once you click on the floating blue star there you can teleport back then when you want to.
  2. I have had this problem before as well, it is caused by a lot of lag. if you can allocate another gb of Ram or close any other program running on your comp that you don't need. basically your lagging so much that the program isn't able to accept any changes to blocks or item and puts you effectively into observer mode while your comp tries to catch up
  3. There is a guide to pickaxe crafting and progressing the levels of mining hardness. It explains the multiple methods available to do so. http://wiki.technicpack.net/Hardness_levels
  4. if you literally have mined 128 peices of Copper ore, and have not found a single piece of tin then I would say that you probably have a ore spawn problem. If every thing is work as it basically should then Tin should be roughly about as rare as copper, there are other methods of getting tin besides mining. MFR laser drill setup will generate ores when supplied with RF power, (white focus should make tin more frequent) (also the only way to get ruby ore) once you get one piece of tin then it unlocks the request tin from the supplier. Thaumcraft has a metal transmutation method built into th
  5. if you must have the dynamos and won't touch the big reactor they give you for reaching 120 rep, you could use commands to give yourself some.
  6. 1 you do thaumcraft research and you will get access to bloom crafting as well as the more advanced methods of cleaning taint 2 tainted creatures have very high damage, but aren't smart, if you are committed to going melee with them then you will just need better equipment and a full suit of iron won't cut it. Really melee isn't the method I would recommend to fight tainted creatures, personally I don't bother with meele untill mid- late game when I have a full suit of enchanted armor and a weapon with several modifiers. you could resort to a range weapon, or lava/fire, or even luring them int
  7. you have iron in the smelter, its combining with the gold to make a alloy empty the smelter of Iron and then smelt the gold
  8. this is not a treasure site, this is a mini biome where ores spawn more regularly. I suggest bringing your dopiest Pick axe, and Tcon Hammer with Redstone buffs and strip mine the area. You still have to mine for the ores, there's just more of them in this area.
  9. you can also smelt down rotten flesh into blood, 5mb per piece so if you have 200 rotten flesh you can convert it to a bucket.
  10. so I finally got a 2nd blood altar made, and now I want to make a farming altar specialized in farming and exporting Blood into my big altar, I've successfully found ways to pump life essence out of a blood altar and into a Barrel, but now I'm having trouble find a way to pump Life essence back into the Altar. Anyone have any advice?
  11. you should check out the wiki, its has alot of helpful information for beginners,3 http://wiki.technicpack.net/Your_First_Day also read your quest book, read all of it
  12. the Safari net was not actually not intended to work, its kinda cheaty, but currently a working option.
  13. use a ranged weapon, and you could nerd pole up to the top of the tower from the ground, yea he does deal a ton of damage but he is slow.
  14. that slot is for the knap sack item from tinkers constructs
  15. you can get a wider variety of beans from trading with a (untainted) thaumcraft Villager. you would need a MFR spawner and a untainted villager to spawn a Thaumcraft villager.(i've done this meathod before) this is the only available route for expanding your mana bean selection that I know of
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