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[3.1.2][New Tekkit][Pairidaeza][35 slot]Hard|Semi-Vanilla|Mature 16+|Small & Friendly|


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Welcome to Pairidaeza|McMMO|Hard|Semi-Vanilla|RPG|Tekkit Edition (1.2.5mc - 3.1.2 Tekkit)

Pairidaeza is a Hardcore RPG server with a few features for man kind to thrive. It shall have 10 ranks thy must earn and it shall be VERY difficult where you must earn your way of travel through the vast plague and the Tapestry of fate will depend upon you young stranger! it is in grave danger, May the fate be with thy!

A Tekkit server for mature players only.

Anyone can freely join our server and play tekkit as a member with restrictions.

We do have the server on Hard mode but not hardcore.

World border is at 200x200 in a circle from spawn. (it will increase more as the towns grow)

If you would need a staff's help, make sure you check the website first.

For any help if no mods/admins are online then add Hariberu90 on skype.

Tekkit Launcher: http://www.technicpack.net/download/

Website: http://pairidaeza.enjin.com/

Voting Page: http://minestatus.ne...t-edition-3-1-2


The Rules You Must Obey! we are very strict with rules.

Listen to the Admins, they know best.

No Griefing!

Do NOT modify others work, if you wish to help, ask.

Do NOT build single towers or tunnels.

Do NOT build too close to spawn.

Do NOT flatten any areas.

Your creations must have a linking road.

Never build too high.

Report all wrong doings directly on the forums.

Griefing others properties will result in BAN

Abuse towards other players and mods will result in BAN

DO NOT ask for items, nor changing time. Otherwise BAN

Using bad language is not tolerated on this server.

Caps Lock in chat, is not tolerated. "LOL" is fine. otherwise Kick

Begging for higher rank's will result in BAN

Flyhacks and other CJB hacks is not allowed here.. BAN

Asking for OP will get you banned for a lifetime.

Advertising other servers and links will get you Banned.

No racism of ANY kind including skins. BAN

Gamemode is for high ranked players, So don't ask!

X-ray will result in BAN, no questions!

Any Bug/Glitch/exploit will result in BAN (No question asked)


If you decide to donate to the server and help us continue to provide this unique Tekkit experience you then gain access to EE. As a member you gain the ability to create towns, claim land and recruit members to become part of your town and VIPs/Donators have access to EE you have an infinite supply of materials to help you in construction and for paying those people you hire to help build your town into the biggest and best on the server, but that's not all (see below).

Please note we are looking for more staff but to be considered you either need to be a donator or have proven yourself extremely helpful and friendly, but I will add that asking for a mod position is a good way to ensure you never get it, we will offer if we think you are right for the job or you have to mail us why we should choose you. [email protected]

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The shop is complete (for now) we may add more items to the shop if people wish for that.

We added /warp shop

and we are looking for moderators for our server. if you wish to become a moderator please make an application on this forum (use the template as written in the thread.

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Hello guys, I'm the new co-owner/admin. I've known Hari for a while, so he trusts me and I hope you guys too tongue.png. I won't be VERY active on the server for now, but I'll be logging in every few hours to make sure everything is okay. Hope to see you guys in-game! smile.png

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