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Hi peeps ive just installed the server by unzipping the server folder and launching the batch file. This loaded a cmd.exe and loaded the server. I went into minecraft my server was up and online but everytime i try to get onto it i time out. In other words it says logging in but then kicks me off as it takes to long.

Please can someone tell me where im going wrong. I was using the normal minecraft SMP for myself and a friend which worked with no problems.

Im running windows 7 64bit / Java 7 / minecraft 1.2.3

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ok sorry guys im being thick here do i use the technic client launcher to use the server aswell. which i did just try and came up saying this server requires me having Forge installed. is this not already in the launcher or server?

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Im a little confused on what you are doing.

First: Tekkit Server is only for Minecraft 1.1 not 1.2.3

Second: You can join a tekkit server with have the tekkit launcher but you have to have all the same mods and item ids as the server

It would be easier if you use the Technic Launcher and play normal Vanilla 1.2.3 Minecraft and tekkit 1.1. Minecraft.

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