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Tekkit Seed: Double Volcanoe Snow Survival Island

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EDIT: Sorry 'bout broken pictures, will fix in the morning.

for now click here :)


An awesome double volcano island off the coast of a much (much) larger island (not fully explored)

Map overview:



Surface level: Iron and 2 Uranium



Some weird Rocks ^^


A view of the starter place (just behind the fog) and the flat area of the bigger island


Several oil deposits


Some 'shrooms


Ravine :D

Leave a comment.

Find anything weird/cool. Post it :)

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Dropbox is a great tool to share pictures with, but you're using the wrong link. Go to the folder where you stored them on your harddisk, rightclick each file, and select "dropbox" -> "copy public link". Then use that one to link an image to other people.

The links you tried to use above are links for the Dropbox web interface that requires people to log in.

The proper public link begins with "https://dl.dropbox.com/" and not "https://dl-web.dropbox.com/". Like so:


EDIT: Gave the seed a look-over. Not bad; fairly large arctic island with two small shield volcanoes and two oil wells near the coast. Really not a fan of arctic landscapes personally, though, everything is so monotone. The main land is really close, you can walk straight there across the ice. There's a far more impressive volcano at -245, +680 too.

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