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Ok, how does one get their server posted up here?


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I dont get it.

I read the posted threads about the requirements and posting guidelines.

I followed said rules.

I even asked nicely that if I was somehow missing something, that it be politely pointed out to me so I could correct it.

But every time I follow the guide and post my server, I check up on the post and its no longer around.

So please tell me what do I have to do here? Anything?

Followed this


even copied, edited and pasted it, other servers threads, but still.

what gives?

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These are the things i don't see in your post.

  • All major plugins on your server

  • A little bit about the community that is currently playing, or the kind of player you want in your server

  • Some effort. We just need to see that you put some effort into your post, that it was something you thought about for at least a few minutes, rather than just posting. Pictures of awesome stuff on your server, spawn, going really indepth into what and why the server, and so forth.

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