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Friend cannot connect, but I can? Server help


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I'm using hamachi and I ran the server and I can join but my friend can't. I've allowed the Java binary things through firewall and let the IP through my router. I have both windows x86 offline and 64 java runtimes and I also have online mode:true on the server properties(if that matters). I have nothing else i can think of that i should say. PLEASE HELP!

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online mode refers to whether the server checks that you are logging in with a valid account or not

Have anyone other than the one friend tried to connect?

You said you could connect, were you using an address like 127.x.x.x or 192.168.x.x? If so, test it with your public address (google 'IP' to find your public one)

Also, if you've port forwarded your router you shouldn't need hamachi to connect

make sure you're giving your friend your public IP rather than your private IP

double check your router is forwarding the right port and to the right private IP

make sure your friend is using the same version (the server will boot you if you have the wrong mods or outdated mods)

is the server whitelisted?

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I actually don't know anyone else who plays tekkit, the ip starts with 5.x.x.x, i put in the ip and port in router thinking it was that it was blocking off from there, I gave my friend the ip from hamachi which is also the one i'm using for the server.properties, and no, no whitelist

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if you are running the server from your own computer:

The address is known as the loopback address and will always work even if you havent set up port forwarding

if you are on a private network behind your router, an address such as 192.168.x.x may work

if you have correctly set up port forwarding on the router, your public address (5.x.x.x) will also work

if you are using a service to host your server:

they will most likely provide a url which can be used just like the IP address when connecting or they may provide you with an IP

in this case the first two addresses I listed wouldn't do anything

sorry if this isnt answering your question

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