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[3.1.2]zCraft Tekkit[PvE][40 Slots][Open][Essentials, Economy and more]


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Server IP:

Server Rules:

[1] No griefing

[2] No stealing

[3] Do not spam or advertise

[4] Do not ask for ranks or OP

[5] Do not ask for items

[6] Respect all staff and players

No mods removed - Most EE disabled

Banned Items:

All EE apart from: Condenser, Collectors, Relay's, Alch Bags, Swift Wolf Rending Gale

Major Plugins:





World Edit

World Guard


I was tired of playing on someone elses server so i set up zCraft Tekkit for the community to play

This server is 24/7

This is a new Tekkit server

Check out our website:


Apply for staff there DO NOT ASK TO BE ONE

Op are only for trusted people

See you soon





Start of a town:


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I see you didn't read the posting rules thoroughly. Pay attention to what the post is not supposed to have.

And there's Cheap Shot, making me look like an idiot by removing the center formatting. Now if only the post had some section separators or some other method to make it easier to read. Cheap already approved it, btw.

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i hope you read this still allstar, i want you to listen hard and listen well, i was BANNED by eliot for him breaking my wall and blaming me! he BANNED ME for BREAKING MY OWN WALL... now if thats not jerkish enough i want you to think long and hard about this as well, i only show respect to people who deserve it, and did eliot show me any respect at all NO.

i warn all the people who plan to join this server, there is no tpa no /back, and the mod Eliot_ loves mocking people who respect truth and justice

sincerely Nike Tsuki -_-

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