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  1. Age 26 IGN Face_McShooty From Ohio Why i want to join i want a server that i can test out everything possible without having to start and stop every 5 minutes because of resets or crashes What i want to build is anything and everything
  2. Username- Face_McShooty Age- 25 Why- im new to tekkit and would love an environment where i can learn an expreiment and not worry about being bugged every 5 minutes Secret Code 13Fac
  3. i would be willing to play i kinda know the basics
  4. the fact that you can only protect your land is by creating a faction is not the best idea because almost no one lets you in their faction would be much better with the golden shovel protection
  5. This used to be a great server but has since been turned to crap because of terrible ownership. There is way too many staff many of which do not know how to act as staff plus admins get demoted because they abuse their power but are given admin again 2 weeks later. The worst is the constant resets i have been playing this server off and on for about a year and have seen at least 7 resets i finally have had enough and will not play again and i advise everyone to not play this server there are much better ones out there
  6. trust machinecraft best up and coming server on here ip
  7. all i do is call it like it is and you run a terrible server also i dont have to know you to see that all you care about is power
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