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My quarries won't cooperate with pipes

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The quarries on our server build, run, and generally function. They break blocks and push them out the top. Unfortunately, when a pipe is placed on top of the quarry(we've tried various types of pipes), we end up with a ghost block that goes to the end and vanishes and a block that pops out of the pipe.



The image is a bit glitchy, but as you can see, it shows the blocks going into the chest, but nothing shows up, and all of the blocks pile up on top of the quarry.

We've op'd [buildCraft] and all of the other mods, tried different pipes, I've searched for similar issues and found nothing. It's not a version issue because it works fine when tested on other computers.

Anyone have any insight into what the issue might be? We've fought with this for about a week now and found nothing.

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Well [explative deleted]. I r retarded, apparently. I do wonder why it makes the ghost blocks, and why it doesn't work when pulling from the top. I was certain that's how it's supposed to work, there are even videos of it working that way.

Thanks a bunch though. Now we can use quarries properly.

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