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BC Pipes and Coke Ovens

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I'm trying to make a little system where I put coal in a coal, and it gets piped out to the left side of the coke oven. Then 2 other pipes (advanced wooden) pipe out the oil and coke coal. But once in a while (literally every 2 pieces of coal) one of the coals piped in get put into the coke coal's slot, then the process gets stopped. Is there anyway to stop this?

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One way I found to do it is by leaving 1 coal coke in the slot. But I want to get the coke coal out too. Is there a way to make sure that there's always atleast 1 coal coke in there?

right click? Gives you half the stack. Do it 3 times and youll get 7/8 of whats there, etc.

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