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Scoutcraft Tekkit Server is the Tekkit Server for everyone! We have lots to offer and have friendly and helpful staff to assist you when you need help! IP:



  1. No Griefing, stealing or cheating
  2. Be respectful
  3. No PVP
  4. Do NOT ask for Promotions, Items or OP
  5. NO Lightning, Snow, Lava or Water placing (Ask for placement)
  6. Talk properly and not like a 2 year old

On Scoutcraft we have banned items to keep peace and harmony on the server:

Banned Items:

  • Red Morning Star (Hammer Ability)
  • Red Matter Hammer (Hammer Ability)
  • Nukes (Obvious Reason)
  • TNT + TNT Carts + IND. TNT
  • Destruction Catalyist (Griefing)
  • World Anchors + Anchor Carts + Dimension Anchor (Lag + Server Issues)
  • Volcanite Amulet + Ring of Ignition (Lava and Fire Placement)
  • Catalytic Lens (Griefing Tool)
  • Mericurial Eye (Griefing)
  • Infernal Armor (Explosion Ability)
  • Nova Catalyist + Nova Catalyism (Explosives)
  • Watch of Flowing Time (Time Setting Abilities)

-Most of EE is available and is accessable however most banned items are from the Mod and are Banned for good Reasoning

-Some Banned Items have come from other Mods, they are able to be used to grief others so they are banned

Scoutcraft has a variety of Bukkit Plugins to ensure enjoyment for our players and to help prevent problems from occuring:

Major Plugins List:

  • Essentials (Major and common player commands)
  • Permissions (Ranks + Permissions Plugin)
  • Worldguard (Protections)
  • Core Protect (Grief Check/Questioner)
  • LWC (Block Protections + Machinery Protection)
  • Iconomy + Vault (Server Economy System)

We have a number of dedicated players and are continuing to grow into a larger community of Tekkit Players. We have a dedicated server which hardly has any down time and has barely any lag issues. We want to invite you to our server, free from griefers and cheating and rude players and will guarentee that you will certainly enjoy our Server!

We do not have a Whitelist/Greylist application system, we are an open Tekkit Server that is currently seeking dedicated players to come and play on our server!

We hope to see you on Scoutcraft today! We have such a fun and exciting server awaiting your arrival! Hope to see you online! IP:


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