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Crystal Demo ruining server gameplay


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Hello, I am really curious since I am a tekkit server owner, how can I disallow people using Crystal Demo (X-Ray, KillAura, FullBright etc. - Like Nodus)? Because it really ruins the whole GamePlay of it, like in PvP arenas or in nature. So, is there any plugin out there enforcing only mods in Tekkit? Or there is not really any anti-crystal-demo-plugin out there? I know how to disallow X-Ray, but no idea about the others.

Thanks ;)

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There is no way to 100% guarantee people are or aren't using any particular mods. Sometimes there will be mods that detect specific versions of a cheating mod, but the cheaters can always just make a new one, and very clever programmers can make ones that are un-detectable at all.

The only way to truly solve these problems is to set up your server so that either:

A) It doesn't matter if a person cheats. For instance, in the case of mods like fullbright, you could just give all your players a link to fullbright and encourage its use, so that everyone is on an even footing, and since it doesn't really make gameplay that much easier (just less annoying).


B) you don't give out information that cheating mods can use in the first place. For instance, orefuscator makes it so that the server doesn't actually give out info about ores in the first place, so no mod can read the (nonexistent) information. Theoretically, you could have a server mod that obscures / witholds information about dark areas, but nobody's ever done that. This way, it doesn't MATTER if people have xray, cause it will be useless.

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