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Mods Emitted from Tekkit [1.3.2]

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Are any mods such as railcraft or redpower not being used in the [1.3.2] tekkit version due to the recent say... clashes between technic and the mod authors?

I like the fact that tekkit will have competition from FTB, but I hope it doesn't divide the community so that neither pack is as good as tekkit used to be.

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Yea, I know, I respect Slowpoke but I fear for the end user in this case because we have a relatively small selection of mods to choose from and I fear some may go one way or the other. If you watch the ForgeCraft SMP youtube videos going on now, its crazy how close these mod authors are to one another. I hope because how close they are that none of them would do anything drastic, but I feel for instance, covert jaguar, is ticked off enough to just file a cease and disist towards technic. And the Minecraft 1.3.2 SMP update would be the time to break away, which is why I am asking the question if anyone has heard anything.

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