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  1. Hello fellow helmeted warrior!

  2. Is it bad that the first thought that crossed my mind when evacuating was "Oh no I need to grab my computer!!"?

    1. TheBytemaster


      Nope. Completely normal.
  3. YA Cheap what the heck why did you remove condensers from someone elses mod that you have no control over!?!?!?
  4. ... Read Munaus' post just above yours and then do what he said.
  5. Try posting a bug report. That way you give us the info we need to help you and you get help faster and with 100% less sarcasm*! *Individual results may vary. Contact a doctor before using the bug report feature
  6. What do you mean not well? I'm no artist so I may be missing something but that looks great to me. I like how it really looks like a live stuffed animal.
  7. Stuff goes here.

  8. Look what I can do... http://imgur.com/lQgKTFk That image could be easily faked, taken from different times, different price zone or any number of things. Like dragonshards said, not exactly solid evidence.
  9. Ahhh clever. I never thought of using that for shading...
  10. Whoever gave you that advice certainly know what he/she is doing. Out of curiosity what was the advice?
  11. Exams = Sad Viking

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    2. Jorcer


      Forums + Exams = Conflicted busy Viking
    3. Richs_Yard


      Alcohol + Hot tub + Forums = One night you won't remember
    4. Jorcer


      Uggh alcohol... Don't remind me. Last class bash was friday. We started at 8am and ended on Saturday at 4 am. I remember nothing.
  12. Haha! I love it Awesome work on all of the avatars Valkon... If you keep it up everyone here will have one
  13. Meh... I might compete in that game... Later... You guys are amature-crastinators
  14. I would argue that mine is the best. It has a story behind it, plus it is a Viking Hacker...
  15. http://www.mcskinsearch.com/skin/Jorcer Bride made this for me before she left.
  16. It is still underlined. That and there are very few people who are actually "blind" to colours. Most just mix one or two colours up. Also, my spell checker underlined your spelling of colour.
  17. This fix is quite old and the launcher has been updated several times since then. If you have an issue, post a bug report.
  18. I just want Rayzan to come back so I can apologize for hacking him :(
  19. Ahh thanks for the clarification. I was going to say that the OP should post a bug report but from the looks of it he has given up (on both the pack and on improving his grammar and spelling). If you didn't expect help why did you bother posting this? That seems like an odd waste of time. EDIT: Lol at the new edit to his post. Too bad they are still in my quotes.
  20. I think they have a forum don't they? Try over there as you are more likely to get an answer. The Technic team doesn't make the pack so they probably can't help all that much. EDIT: Also on the pack page there is a comment type section. You could try asking there.
  21. That post quite figuratively burned my eyes... Grammar, spelling and syntax are important people! Anyone able to decipher what he is trying to say? I can't tell if he should be posting a bug report or what...
  22. I like the new avatar... Is it permanent?

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    2. Jay?


      You have no idea. Transmet is right up there with Sandman in the "best comics ever made" tier.
    3. Jorcer


      Well then I will most definitely take a look, thanks
    4. spartanyanni


      Really? Spider Jeruselum? Well, there goes understanding Jay?'s thought process.
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