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[3.1.2]CordCraft[PvP enabled][30 slots][Greylist][LWC][no EE]


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CordCraft is a new 30 slot Tekkit server hosted in France. We are looking for new members to expand our community, build awesome things and have great experiences!

The expected uptime of the server is 24/7, if everything goes according to the plans.

To become a member, apply on this thread with this form.


How experienced are you with Tekkit:

Additional notes:

Notable gameplay affecting plugins:

  • Towny (might be changed to Factions)
  • LWC
  • World Guard
  • PreciousStones
  • Showcase Standalone
  • Essentials
  • World Border

Banned items:

  • World Anchor
  • Quantum armor
  • Explosives and tools of mass destruction
  • Mining laser
  • Nano armor chest piece and nano saber
  • The whole Equivalent Exchange

Please note: more items will be added if they become an issue.


  • Don't be a jerk, if a certain player causes a lot of trouble in the community, he or she will be removed.
  • Don't grief
  • Only English in global chat
  • Don't litter around the world, we want to keep it clean and nice looking
  • Stealing is only allowed if the chest is unprotected, and you can access it without griefing.
  • Use common sense, if soemthing is not mentioned here, it doesn't automatically mean you should do it

Our team (In game names)

  • Admin - Nuclear_Potato
  • Admin - bolme

If you have any suggestions on how to make our server better, we're happy to hear them.

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