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[Question] Best Tools and Sword?


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Red Matter Katar and the Morning Star. The Katar deals extreme damage and combines many tools. The Morning Star can dig out a 9x9 area in a single click. Kind of overpowered if you ask me, but lets not go into the "Red Matter sucks" discussion. I personally prefer the good old Diamond Drill, Nano Saber and the Mining Laser, being the technician i am.

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If you don't/can't use Equivalent Exchange, the best tools are the Diamond Drill (combines a shovel and a pick, and is rechargeable) the Chainsaw (combines an axe, a sword, and a pair of shears, and is rechargeable) the electric hoe (a rechargeable hoe) the electric treetap (a rechargeable treetap) the electric wrench (IC@ machines only, rechargeable) and the Mining Laser. THe best sword is the nano saber. The best armor in terms of defense and cool abilities is Quantum armor, while the best utility armor is the lappack, solar helmet, and static boots, with quantum leggings.

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