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[3.1.2]Cakkit[PvE][10 slots][Open][Factorys]Cake is Tech


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  • Server IP Minecraft.swifthosting.dk:25608
  • No Explosive items no griefing no pvp no stealing no taken others tokens no asking for rank or stuff use common sense
  • No mods removed
  • Bans:
    - 27585:2:Divining Rod III
    - 27526:*:Philosopher's Stone
    - 27556:*:Catalytic Lens
    - 22527:*:Destruction Catalyst
    - 27530:*:Evertide Amulet
    - 27579:*:Infernal Armor
    - 27580:*:Abyss Helmet
    - 27537:*:Harvest Goddess Band
    - 27532:*:Black Hole Band
    - 27593:*:Void Ring
    - 27583:*:Mercurial Eye
    - 27584:*:Ring of Arcana
    - 27548:*:Dark Matter Shears
    - 27538:*:Watch of Flowing Time
    - 27531:*:Volcanite Amulet
    - 126:4:Red Matter Furnace
    - 26524:*:Cannon
    - 126:10:Nova Catalyst
    - 126:11:Nova Cataclysm
    - 216:*:Turtle
    - 150:12:Igniter
    - 7303:*:Anchor Cart
    - 213:11:Feed Station
    - 7310:*:Tunnel Bore
    - 7308:*:Iron Bore Head
    - 7272:*:Steel Bore Head
    - 7314:*:Diamond Bore Head
    - 7281:*:Work Cart
    - 150:7:Frame Motor
    - 223:1:Tesla Coil
    - 26498:*:Wooden Hammer
    - 26499:*:Stone Hammer
    - 26500:*:Iron Hammer
    - 26501:*:Diamond Hammer
    - 26502:*:Golden Hammer
    - 237:*:Nuke
    PlacementBanned: []
    WorldBanned: []
    CraftingBanned: []
  • World Guard Essentials groupmanager logblock worldedit Mob Disguise
  • This server is a small friendly server, we like to think is a community.
  • 24/7
  • People are kind sharing, they don't bother each other much.
  • We like people who are dedicated to what they build, like projects, we like to grow the server so we can call it a country of technicians.

Open server

Applying for mod or admin.

You need to be trusted first, "rank 2" then write why you would be a good admin or mod, then we will give you a trial period if we think you are good.

You need to cover

  • Why you are a good moderator
  • What is your timezones
  • How good you are at tekkit
  • What you will do to improve the server
  • What your skills is
  • How much you are on
  • Something that will empress us

Rules for mods and admins

Don't give stuff to people unless they deserves it.

Do not build thinks out of rm or dm

Don't use any creative items for your citys

Don't promote people

Write down a player you have banned with a reason so a administrator or owner can read it.






People Who are cool

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hello i would like to a mod or an admin because of my timezone i live in the uk and i would say most of your players on the server are american and the other reason i would like to be an admin or a mod to stop griefers because once i went to my house this morning it was all griefed so i would love to try and put a stop to griefing . I am very good at tekkit i have been a mod on one server i always try'd to sort out problems with people being griefed so i hope you let me be apart of your server. prodjd

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Not a friendly server if your stuck in spawn for hours on end, get killed in, griefed, raided, etc. 1 reason why I manage to last: Someone let me live with them and they have a shield to protect them, otherwise its a barren waste land with 0% of living. Would be a nice little server if the place didn't look like earth after the end of the world came.

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