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new to tekkit . need help plz/thx

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hello everyone i have been watching a tekkit series off youtube and i wanted to givver a try for my self.. have minecraft ... fallowed youtube vids and google to install tekkit .. started playing

but... the too much items/not enough items side bar just spawns 64 of anything i click

i dont want to cheat and i want the recipe to pop up and tell me what i need

also spawned a jet pack ... and i couldnt fly ..

no idea what to do or what to even google with out making a paragraph ..lol

ty for any help :D

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You probably want "Recipe Mode" from "Options" when you press "E" (which I thought should have been the default unless you changed something).

Depending which jetpack you have, it likely needs either fuel or electricity (electric one). But I have not used that, I use Swiftwolf ring from EE (which also needs some sort of coal or other fuel with EMC, or a charged Klein Star).

But similar to regular minecraft, the first place to look for how things work and answers to questions would be the wiki, http://thetekkit.wikia.com/wiki/The_Tekkit_Wiki

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