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Help with engine generators


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I wanted to start using engine generators, but theres only 6 faces on a engine generator, one of which has to have the wire/cable/batbox/w\e, and with a HV engine generator is EU cap is 510 eu/t

Of course your going to have to use conductive piping for this, my problem is, when I use conductive piping even when its like 2 blocks away, I get a GIANT eu loss, I will show you what I mean.

This is without conductive pipes: http://puu.sh/1er8G

This is how much energy I get without conductive pipes directly to the engine generator with a single piece of coal:


Now for the conductive piping setup:


This gives me a ENORMOUS energy loss and I cannot figure out why or what im supposed to do, im using wooden conductive and golden conductive in that image

This is the ammount of energy a single piece of coal gives: http://puu.sh/1erfG

I cannot for the life of me figure out what im supposed to do, can anyone tell me whats going on and if theres a way to fix it?

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