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broke tekkit :(


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first time on the forum so apologises for noobness.

i wanted to add the forestry mod into tekkit (i'm on a mac osx btw) so followed and online video tutorial here

i followed the tutorial and must have done something wrong as it didn't work. you see in the tutorial that you have to delete some files in the mod folder, even if i download the technic launcher again tekkit still won't work and if i go to ~/library/application support/techniclauncher and then go on the mods folder in tekkit the files are still deleted even though i redownloaded the launcher.

i'm not arsed at all any more about adding the forestry mod i just want to be able to play again as i was really enjoying it.

there is probably something painfully obvious i can do but i am stumped. help would really be appreciated


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First, this isn't the proper place for this kind of post. Please keep that in mind in the future.

I pity you though, so I will tell you that redownloading the launcher does nothing. Back up your worlds, then delete the techniclauncher folder. The launcher will then download you a new copy.

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