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[3.1.2]Gamer-Island Tekkit[PvP][42 slots][NO EE]


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The Gamer-Island Tekkit server is a, believe it or not, tekkit server, endorsed by Gamer-Island. We have a great community of many active players and knowledgeable staff, and our plugins are all configured and set up in a way that they manage Tekkit perfectly.

We don't have a whitelist or greylist, it's totally open aside from those malicious users on our ban list for any given reason.

We upgrade our server whenever we start getting a semi-constant player count within 3-5 of the max, and this is not a false promise. So far we've upgraded thrice, from a small, home-ran server, we are now running on semi-dedicated hardware, and have 42 player slots.

We hope you consider joining our server and contribute to making our community even better!


Our server can be accessed at:


We have a few donor perks but we limit it as much as possible to keep it fair for all users, limiting generally novelty commands like /hat and /kittycannon to donators.


  • No griefing - Punishment: Usually permanent ban

    • We have a variety of different conditions which depend on whether your items are returned and the griefer is banned, as following:
    • Land which was not protected by Factions means your stuff is not replaced as you did not put the effort in to protect your land, an admin should not need to put in the effort to look all your items in the block logs and replace them one by one. The griefer will still be banned, however.
    • Land which was protected by Factions, but someone in your faction broke it is not replaced as the people in your faction are your responsibility, and the griefer will not be banned (Although this is much frowned upon) as you gave them building permissions explicitly.
    • Land which was protected by Factions but somehow broken by someone not in the Faction will result in your stuff getting replaced, the griefer banned and the cause found and solved.

    [*]No spamming chat - Punishment: Usually temporary mute or ban, depending on severity.

    [*]No advertising other servers, even in /msg - Punishment: Always permanent ban.

    [*]Keep swearing to a minimum (We don't mind small amounts) - Punishment: Usually warning or temporary mute.

    [*]Don't bully people with Quantum (You may use it but don't go around spawnkilling people). C'mon, I shouldn't need to ask for this. If you're spawnkilling someone with little or no armour or defence with Quantum armour you will be punished. This is just mean and immoral. - Punishment: Usually warning then temporary ban.

    [*]Don't sit around in safe zones and follow people out then kill them straight away (Ie no spawncamping). This is just mean. - Punishment: Usually warning then ban

    [*]You can raid unlocked chests. Not machines. Chests. If they unlocked their chests (They are locked by default) they are asking for their stuff to be taken. - Punishment: N/A

    [*]Don't ask for things from the webstore for free, or for free admin. We know you're not from Planet Minecraft, don't even bother trying. - Punishment: Warning then mute or ban (People posing as someone like a PlanetMinecraft reviewer will receive an instant permanent ban)

    [*]Don't whine about moderation. If you think a moderator or admin did something wrong, /mail send trappingnoobs <whine about it here>, don't whine about it in the public chat and annoy everyone else. - Punishment: Potential temporary mute

    [*]Only carry what you don't mind losing. This server is PvP. You are safe in a protected house but walking around with ten stacks of diamond is just asking for someone to come, kill you, and take your stuff. - Punishment: Losing all your stuff from getting killed.

    [*]Do not ask for EE. For gods' sake man, don't join a server that says NO EE if you want EE!



Trappingnoobs (Nickname WiltedChameleon)










Head Mod:


Mod team:








Votifier (Although it's broken right now, we're working on getting it fixed ASAP)

AlphaChest (Donor only)

LWC (Configured to allow locking most modded containers too!

Factions (Power loss disabled, but it takes something like an hour to get each power. Once you hit 10 you're there forever, however we're looking into reports of power resets)




Spawn location exterior area


Scouseaspie's warped sense of humour being taken out on the spawn area


Some random jungle because why not


Mavitar's house


Verodoxys' chilling place


Jth899's island fort


Check out our http://gamerislandtekkitserver.buycraft.net/ webstore.

Payed ranks include Warrior, Knight and Warlord. You can see their benefits by hovering 'Package categories', clicking 'Ranks', and clicking 'More Info' by a rank.

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Love this server. Has friendly members on it, and a very nice owner :) I enjoy the staff he has picked out as well. I normally dont like playing on pvp servers, but this one is just... fun :) Come play with us!! we have cookies! :D


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I love the server its good i don't care about no EE its over powered any way i love the plugins and the staff are nice and friendly and there is regular compaction for rewards like diamonds and they have there own website with forums and things and its well devolved and the anti grief is good for finding the griefer there is a plugin for locking all the Tekkit chests like gold copper ect...

The rules are fair and simple its good 24/7 up-time and there's regular restarts to prevent lag but that lasts a few seconds normally i would recommend this server to any one unless they wanted EE its really good i hope i see new people join cause there's plenty of slots :D see ya soon :)

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I've been on this server for a pretty long time and its been striving greatly! From the land to the users, this server has an epicosity to it that can't be killed. Although EE is gone (which is not a BIG deal) There is a lot of other things to do like meet players, build towns, build a faction, or have a funeral for a dog (*sniff* R.I.P Fluffy) The server is full of faction to join and land to build. I recommend it highly to players who want to start fresh with a couple of friends and challenges :)

Also the staff is pretty nice ^-^, They will help the most to their abilities

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i have donated a few times because i love the people on it the staff the plugins and the benefits of donating are worth while and i would donate as long as i have money to spend :) i recommend this server to people new to Tekkit to people who are masters because people are there to help and give u advice its a really good community :D join soon . Conor :D

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