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  1. Name: Ariq (Can't pronounce it? Call me Eric) IGN: DT_Darkness Age: 14 Favorite Tekkit Mod: MineFactory reloaded/ Railcraft (until i found Minefactory reloaded) What is your favorite activity besides minecraft? I like playing different games mostly RTS games like Starcraft 2 but i also like board games like Civ 5. I also like playing Football, basketball and athletics. Tell us a little about yourself: I am half Thai (from Thailand) and half Bangladeshi, i live in Thailand, Bangkok and i speak english fluently as if it was my first language, i am in the athletics school team and i love playing Games. I am a Guy. Tell us about something you like about yourself: I have already made some money off selling sweets at school. Tell us about something you don't like about yourself: I occasionally forget what i am doing and where i am sometimes...
  2. I agree, Rome has fallen > but all jokes a side both halo was out like 3 restarts ago. EDIT: not out as in gone just out... i will be watching u guys...
  3. dude you still gonna play on the redux server or are you not gonna play there anymore? just asking cuz of halo

  4. thanks for the feed back but i started with minefactory reloaded was that a good or bad choice?
  5. ohh yea u guys not being a pain but shouldn't we remove some useless mods like:"some other unnamed things" what the hell is that even and "jammy" what is that? Just saying this so the server is stable and its easier to download it, please consider. EDIT: Keep biblocraft its awesome EDIT: If you wanna add something cool add Trade Booth
  6. Just wondering is anyone actually playing on the server... i cant get on because i cant download the pack
  7. When i first started playing i was all mixed up and confused; where do i start? what mod should i start with? How do i start with the mod?
  8. also Ysharma you play civ 5 i have been wanting someone to practise. my steam is Mr.Cow add me :P
  9. my tip as a company owner make "friends" first so you can defend yourself, and make a base and try getting at least one employee something to also help is if other companies are willing make a alliance soon with halo or quantum Because a storm be brewing.
  10. Age: 13 ( please don't judge me by my age) IGN: DT_Darkness Why Do you want to Play on this Server? The screen shot were cool, the server looks neat and i would like to play with other people in a great environment such as this. What Do you want to Build? I would like conquer the economy in this server by making my franchise spread across this server with a shop in every town and to that i am gonna make in company/town that produces mostly weapons, potions, food and all that good stuff.
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