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  1. Yes, that is true.. mostly. If you have transferred your account to mojang you need to use your email. If you haven't you'll have to use your nickname.
  2. True.. but you know, there's a search function on the technic platform. Try that ;)
  3. What kind of format is the modpack downloaded in? If it's .zip you need to contact the maker of the pack, if it's a .rar you need to change it to .zip.
  4. I just took a peek at causes of this problem: there seem to be a few block combinations that cause huge lag/crashes and sometimes playing in fullscreen causes lag. Can you describe your exact setup?
  5. You are invited to join The Teckerton's, Technic's version of The Pinkerton's. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TheTeckertons

  6. What I think is happening, is that betterdungeons went bonkers on you. Try turning down your ram to 2gb (that's the max you should do anyway with java) as I think betterdundeons is calculating a lot in advance. In combination with java's screwy garbage collection, it could go out of hand rather quickly. If that doesn't solve the problem, try making a backup of your world and resetting the pack, that does some magical stuff too Edit: I am bad at reading... I thought you had 8gb allotted >.< hmmm... Try 2gb? Edit2: are you running the latest version of java?
  7. It actually is. That was an entertaining little read The only problem with the theory is that A and B can only be equal in certain specific situations. That's maybe something to look at.
  8. dude you still gonna play on the redux server or are you not gonna play there anymore? just asking cuz of halo

  9. One day, we will conquer. They will see that they were wrong, and we will laugh in their faces, scorning them as they deserve. One day... one day......

    1. TheBytemaster


      Or something. Yeah. Something like that.

  10. OP, try what cheap suggested as it is indeed not your specs causing problems. I have almost the exact same specs (E: as in, graphics card and RAM are exactly the same) and I run Voltz +-70fps
  11. Compare this forum to you being with friends then. If you say something really really dumb, your friends will laugh about it and tease you with it for a few moments, right? Well, that's exactly the same here. He said something really really dumb and was not following the rules and guidelines, we laughed and teased.
  12. Look man, there are strict rules and guidelines on how to post about certain things. For example server posts and bug reports; they have strict rules set up around them to prevent terrible posts like this and other unwanted things. There's an unwritten "rule" that when you are too damn lazy to read the rules and guidelines and put some effort in your post and your post is of this quality as the OP, we get to make fun of you. This section is a place for serious posts, promoting your server. Not some random crap like "look I server made, join noe pl0x" EDIT: my advice to you is not to go all ballistic in this discussion (this includes calling people names) as that won't win you the discussion and will probably turn the mods against you.
  13. Yeah, the port to 1.6.x should be very straight forward. If you're wondering, do whatever you want with my code... It's yours my friend (does that answer your question blaster?)
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