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  1. IGN: TFH_Huey Age: 14 What country are you from? The United States Why TotalTekkit? Sounds like a fun server, not big and over developed map (I think, since you just switched over to FTB it's probably starting over) Would i find your name on MCBANS? If so why? Not this account name at least c: Do you agree to the rules above? Yes
  2. So why do you think people would play your server knowing others will grief their crap?
  3. I have looked for a while, but I haven't tried the search on here yet. I figured anything on here that is worth it would show up on google.
  4. I want to know the name. Sorry I was a little off, but no one would reply saying "Yes there is one." It's obvious what I meant :p
  5. Is there a modpack that has IC2 and other main mods from tekkit lite in Tekkit Main? I basically want a modpack that has a mix of the mods from both tekkit lite and tekkit main into one pack. I am not looking to make one, because I guarantee you there is already one like this.
  6. Name: Huey Freeman Minecraft Username: TFH_Huey Age: 14 Preffered Tekkit Mod: IC2 Are you banned in any server(Y/N): Well this is the silliest question I have come across all day. Of course! This is minecraft, where 10 year old admins ban for the shits and giggles.
  7. Did you even bother reading the thread? Oh wait, you claim to have 4 years of tekkit experience. Thanks for clarifying you are full of crap... Now an old thread got gravedug.
  8. Wow! That is amazing. But I mean in singleplayer. I don't have to worry about players raiding me and such in singleplayer.
  9. It is easy, but you have to time redstone right. Some people make 20x20 doors that are absolutely amazing.
  10. That is in Redpower, which is in Tekkit Lite and a few other modpacks. But not tekkit space/main.
  11. Gosh it is just all so much more difficult, I liked my MFSU with geothermal reactors and solar panels :p
  12. I know there is thermal expansion and all of that, but I don't really want to destroy my world to power my stuff! I don't want to go out and get nonstop lava, coal, or oil like an american businessman :/
  13. So I have been wanting to play this modpack for a while, and finally decided to! But when I got on to mess around before I start survival, I noticed something - There isn't IC2! How can't there be IC2? That means there isn't MFE's and MFSU's, solar panels, and just generators in general! How do you store power without MFSU's? Do I have to use redstone energy cells? How can I create a reliable power source that holds without having work on it constantly? I don't like things like Oil, and this kind of bothers me a bit.
  14. Been loving the time I have been on this server! This is going to definitely be my new home if everything works out.
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