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[3.1.2] TEKKIT @ ShiftedPlay [PvE/PvP][100 slots][Economy, Protections][Limited EE]


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IP: tekkit.shiftedplay.net or

Detailed Server Info (Live map, donator perks, rules etc):


Features Quick List:

  • 100 slots & No Whitelist
  • Main world PvE only
  • Personal land & item protection (add your friends)
  • Earn ingame money, extra protection claims & ranks just by playing
  • Limited EE & Guns mod for balanced game play
  • City plots for player shops, build your own storefront
  • Full player economy

TEKKIT? What’s that:

Tekkit is the most popular modpack around. It includes a large variety of mods that allow you to do many things. If you’re interested in building more detailed creations or creating complex automated manufacturing plants and power stations then TEKKIT is for you.

Not sure where to start try this tutorial:


How to get Tekkit and connect:

First things first you will need the Tekkit client. Tekkit runs separate from your regular Minecraft client. You can download it for free from here: http://www.technicpack.net/download/

You need to choose the Tekkit option from the top left. Then all you have to do is login and connect to our IP (tekkit.shiftedplay.net or Didn’t hurt at all!

Protecting what is yours:

Protections are as simple as ever. Head out into the wilderness and find a place away from other protections and begin to build. The first chest you place will protect a 9x9 area from sky to bedrock around your chest. You may then use a stick to select your claim and use a golden shovel to easily reposition the corners by right clicking one of the glowstone corners and simple repositioning it. If you want to create a new protection, just get your golden shovel and right click the two outer corners of your build and it'll be protected! To allow someone to use chests, build and use buttons etc. you can use /trust <name>. More commands are available at spawn.

You can increase the amount of claims you have in 2 ways. One just by playing, every hour you play you will gain 60 new claims. The second way is to purchase claims using 25 in-game dollars per claim.


Our economy is completely player driven, all players have the ability to set up chest shops wherever they like (a marketplace area may be added in the future). Earning in-game money is really easy, just play! Every hour you play you earn 1005 in-game dollars, that is until you reach 5000. Whenever your account is under 5000 you will earn more. Couldn’t be easier.

Player Ranks:

Keeping with the theme we have here, you also gain ranks for time played.

  • [new] Everyone has to start somewhere.
  • earned after 2hrs played - Members have the ability to create Quarries (keep it underground though as per the rules below)
  • [trusted] earned after 24hrs played - Trusted players can use Quarries, Timers, and Sequencers
  • [veteran] earned after 48hrs played - Veteran players can use Quarries, Timers, Sequencers, Nuclear Reactors, and ComputerCraft

Disabled/Restricted Mods & Items:

The mods/items we have disabled below are for the good of the server as for stability and game play. Restricted mods & items are made available to players that have put in the time, some of these things can cause issues so we ask that if you have access you do not abuse the right.

The disabled mods are as follows:

  • Equivalent Exchange - Only the following is available from EE:

    • The following are purchasable from the EE Shop at spawn:
      - DM Furnace,
      - Klein Star,
      - Dark & Red Matter Armor,
      - Anti-Matter Relay Mk3.
      - Swiftwolf's Rending Gale (Robot Rank)
    • The following EE items are craftable:
      - Alchemical Chest (Member+)
      - All Covalence Dust (Member+)
      - Divining Rods (Member+)
      - Talisman of Repair (Member+)
      - White Alchemy Bag (Member+)
      - Higher Klein Stars

  • Balkon's Weapon Mod - The weapons mod bypasses PvP restrictions and protections.

The disabled items are as follows:

  • Nukes, mining lasers, TNT & industrial TNT - Obvious reasons, griefing tool, lag, huge explosions. The mining laser also bypasses protections.

Rank Restricted:

The following are accessible once you reach required rank

  • Nuclear Reactor & Chamber
  • Computer & Turtles
  • Quarries, Timers, and Sequencers

Basic Rules:

1. No griefing, theft

2. No chat spam, advertising, or harassment.

3. No abusing glitches, bugs, etc

4. All machines/tools of any kind are to be off when not in use/online.

5. Anything that can kill players must have signs visible in the area.

6. Do not place personal protections near other protections

7. Quarries must be built underground.

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ShiftedPlay has just launched a second TEKKIT server (current open for beta testing). This server features full PVP, Guns mod, and most of EE. If you would like to try it out login to pvp.shiftedplay.net

Looking for a great balanced PVE experience then tekkit.shiftedplay.net is where you need to be.

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Patch Notes:

  • Server increased to 100 slots
  • Players can now load up to 9 chunks with Dimensional Anchors. (Up from 1 chunk per anchor).*
  • Vote once every 24 hours and receive $200 & 60 extra claims http://tekkitserverlist.com/server/5...hiftedplay-net
  • Player ranks are now sporting color, hello 1960s. Members (Green), Trusted (Blue), Veteran (Orange)
  • The time to rank to Member has been reduced from 24 hours to 2 hours
  • The time to rank to Trusted has been reduced from 48 hours to 24 hours
  • The time to rank to Veteran has been reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours
  • A Halloween Treasure chest has been added outside the spawn building with some treats for the day.
  • The Holy Eggs donator perk has been added to the server, $5 for 6 of almost all the mobs

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Bug Note:

  • Bug resolved with GreifPrevention not allowing players to log back in for 45+ minutes.


  • PVP has been added to a secondary world along with HungerGames this will be the only world with PVP enabled (Coming Soon)
  • The guns mod was reviewed for the secondary world and found to add imbalance so it will remain disabled

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