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  1. Of all weekends to start you choose the one I'm away from my computer...
  2. School is absolutely nuts. I don't know if I ever mentioned what I'm doing these days. Boiled down it's mechatronics with co-op and a multi semester capstone project that I'll be working on all summer to finish with a team of 12 other students. Good news is that I already have a monster of a job offer that'll be kickass and pays a stupid amount. I'll be able to get a Vive really soon after I start! It's been nothing but work work work even on my time off. That said I have a week off at the moment so: I'm lovin 0.15 right now and it would be awesome to play with you guys again for as long as I've got the time to!
  3. I say a blend. I haven't played with mods yet so that might be fun, and 0.15 could be a long ways off. The devs seem very adamant about not giving etas unless you've seen something I haven't (which is very possible as I'm only just really getting into the community).
  4. Hello everyone! Is anyone here playing factorio? I've put about 200 hours in the last few weeks into it and now I want to try the multiplayer!
  5. Judging by the parts you have money burning a hole in your pocket! If you have that much to burn, upgrade to an i7 XXXXK so you get the hyper threading, and a bigger SSD. I went with 128 and wish I had gone bigger. Also consider doing a custom water cooling loop for bonus points in looks! If you want somthing more price to performance, down scale to a non-K processer (seriously, OCing does next to nothing for games anyways), drop the AIO cooler and go with an aftermarket air-cooler. Literally anything is better than stock. If you're dead set on the 1080 (I dont blame you) then great, otherwise a 1070 is going to be more than enough for the foreseeable future in terms of even the most demanding VR applications. Hell, a 1060 (when it comes) will likely be enough for a few years down the line. Also look into people who are dropping used 900 series cards in your local area. If you can get a good deal on a 980 or even 980ti, that should be more than enough to power AAA games for the next few years.
  6. Sadly it's been way too long since I've run a server to remember, but this page looks like a good place to start! If you keep on getting errors or need help, just reply again! http://wiki.bukkit.org/Installing_Plugins Since you're in 1.7.10 plugins should just work based on the other link I gave you, but I'm not 100% sure.
  7. Sure! Seriously though, this should have all the info you could need and more. Give it a quick read next time you have a problem!
  8. Something you may want to consider reading that would have solved many of your issues, and might answer some of the questions you have yet to ask:
  9. Just one Nit-Pick at the post, when posting crash reports, put it in a code format or throw it on paste bin and just post the link. It's just easier to read that way. Try loading into a single player world, quitting to the main menu, then connecting to the server. If that doesn't work a little more info would be great! Are other people capable of logging into your friends server? When does this error occur? When trying to log in? after a second or two in world? randomly after joining? Are you on the same pack version at their server?
  10. Just one Nit-Pick at the post, when posting crash reports, put it in a code format or throw it on paste bin and just post the link. It's just easier to read that way. It looks like the issue is the fact you have a client side only mod in the load list. You can remove mods like Rei's mini map and any other client side mods as they do not provide functionality server side and can even crash servers. If removal of Rei's and any other client mods does not resolve the issue, you may have the wrong .jar. This website should help you in selecting and installing the proper .jar. https://www.beastnode.com/portal/knowledgebase/101/Install-BukkitForge-or-MCPCplus-or-Cauldron.html Finally if that does not work, try loading it without any mods. If that still doesn't work then come back. If it does, try slowly adding your mods to the server, just one at a time until it breaks again. Come back with what one broke it and we should be able to help some more!
  11. Whats the discord Server? edit: Boo bitches
  12. Hello everyone! Hows it going? A shame we lost the original thread.
  13. I have stirred from my slumber. What changes await me?

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      Don't recall where I heard about it, probably from one of GenerikB's videos.

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      Probably genny, he has been talking about it lately in quite a few of his vids.

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      Yeah, he wasn't feeling that inspired to finish his mad science castle on his Attack of the B-Team server.

  14. My two cents is that it's about time they made changes to the EULA, but they are making the wrong changes (Or at least they are not making all the changes they need to be making). By what has been said, their changes are going to cripple almost all big servers out there. They are doing the right thing, but doing it in the wrong way. That's the gist of my opinion. I'm going into more detail now if you want to skip the rest and call me a moron without knowing my reasoning. Now some hot head is going to be mad that I'm semi for the change (Or a lot of you) but hear me out. Modders not using open source is one thing (And will not be discussed here), but taking real money away is serious. I understand that a few bad apples are ruining the bunch, but many servers are almost their own company. They sell packages and such so they can maintain the server, make improvements, and even employ people full time. There are real jobs out there to moderate and maintain Minecraft servers. These EULA changes will destroy those jobs. That said, the current state of affairs are making it look like a crippling change. But simply foregoing those changes is almost as bad. Some servers allowing for GOD MODE to be bought for $10 000 USD must be shut down. They are preying on 10 year olds with their parents credit cards. Something like this can destroy a family financially and is putting money into the hands of people who really don't deserve it. The same goes for payments to be unbanned, getting uber kits, or other unfair advantages. Now, what the hell can we do to fix this? I can't think of anything myself that's not as grey line as the rest of the EULA. Using an easy 'If we think what your doing is bad we will shut your down' would fail miserably as if it went to court there would be any number of loop holes for the server owner to use. Anything left or right of that would be too strict or too loose and we would get a bigger problem or nothing would change. I love the guy's down at Mojang. They are always trying to put power in the hands of the players to build the world they want, but now we have come to a critical cross road. It must be chosen to become a police state or continue on our road to anarchy. Nether are good options but one has to be taken. If I were Mojang I would make the change they have described. Though I would hate to make it. This is not an easy fix but something has to be done. I'm sorry that I have no answer to the "what should we do?" question that's on everyone's mind, but hopefully we can be a little more diplomatic.
  15. http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php?board=3.0
  16. That may be due to the new forum software. It shouldn't be an issue for the guide since the link was only to give credit where credit was due and all the information is copied onto that post. I'm glad I could help, and welcome to the forums! (I see your 3 post count ) I hope you enjoy the community.
  17. I think that's a new feature, I'll add it to the guide!
  18. Have you tried installing the mods one by one yet? Thats one mess of an error report...
  19. [Technic folder]/modpacks/[modpackName]/ForgeModLoader-client-0
  20. Thats not the right report. The FML report is far more informative on what mods conflicted, and if you suspect more than two mods are conflicting you should install and test the pack one mod addition at a time to avoid the issue. It is very difficult to find the issues when more than 2 mods are conflicting.
  21. Reason? Act as if people don't know the game (Like me)
  22. "Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying." —Arthur C. Clarke

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