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Im looking for people to do a LP with me


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Hello, i am 16 years old and would like to find 1-3 people to do a LP with.

Im hoping i can find one of you to run the server because i can not.

I have Fraps and a mic

Skype name: Clashck9 (add if interested)

Time zone: EST time



-16 or older(no exceptions)

-no high pitch voice(irritating)

-must be mature but have a good sense of humor and be outgoing

-must have a mic and skype

-must speak english and not have a really bad accent

-must be able to play alot







Speak English(yes/no):

Time zone:

Hours able to play per day(avg):

Any LP experience?(yes/no):

Thanks, hope to find some people soon!

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You could probably join the server I play on, it's small, and I'm on skype, as is the server owner. We've (of course) already started, but if you like, you could totally record episodes.

There is a mandatory uber-highly recommended texture pack on our server: JohnSmith Technician's Remix. My computer can't really handle recording, though I will stream occasionally.

PM me if interested.

I'm 16, very mature, and I speak English fluently. I could potentially play 2-3 hours a day, sometimes more.

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