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Adding Server mods?Help please.


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First off I love Tekkit and the Technic pack in general. Secondly I feel like I am posting this in the wrong section so please tell me if I am.

My problem is that I am trying to install Noppe's Custom Npc Mod for my server and Tekkit Client.


I have tried putting the mod in the mods folder of the server and it wont load up. In the server log it says that it doesn't contain a mod. So if someone could please help by telling me what I'm doing wrong it and how to fix it, it would be appreciated.

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Are you trying with the correct version? CustomNPC is currently on 1.3.2, while Tekkit is on 1.2.5 (and thus uses a much older Forge version as well). You need to make sure you download a version of CustomNPC that is pre-Minecraft 1.3.x.

EDIT: ack, I'm an idiot. It actually won't work with any version you download, because Tekkit isn't running on a normal Minecraft server.

Tekkit runs on Bukkit, and therefore the mod must be ported for Bukkit. And looking at the list, it doesn't seem like there is a Bukkit port of CustomNPC available for MC 1.2.5... unless it appears under a different name.

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