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[1.2.9g] The Final Project [Tekkit Main Server[


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  My name is Aldriik711. I am a new server owner. I have just recently finished setting up the core of a tekkit server. There are of course still some kinks to work out. 1 for example being the setup of a properly working Random Teleport command for new and regular users. However, the entire core gameplay is ready for public access!! The server is up 24/7!!


There are some Basic Rules:

No PVP No Grief No Raid.

No Floating Trees or One Block Towers.

Keep the world natural looking.

If you use a quarry then cover the hole.

Chunk Loaders and Ender Pumps BANNED!

Other items are fine as long as they are not used to bypass claims.

Be Respectful and Polite

Do Not Ask For OP or Items.

These rules are enforced and violators will be subject to jail, mute or possibly ban depending on the offense.

No Whitelist Currently But will be Soon. Come claim your Place!

Members that fit will be given whitelist.

I Look Forward to seeing you in game!!


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