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water mill help

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I have setup Direwolf's/ShadwDrgn's water mill and everything works except the buckets stay in the water mills and never come back out to get refilled.

I have the latest version of tekkit running and it says the version of red power 2 I have running is 2.0 p4d.

I was just wondering if anyone else had this problem/ If anyone knew how to solve it?


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thanks! I forgot to put a bucket in the retriever. I have one more question. I had 12 water mills set up and only 9(only 18eu/t instead of 24eu/t) of them were getting waterbuckets. Just wondered if it had a limit of nine or if I was just doing it wrong. I was using tin cable to connect it to my MFE so distance should have not been a problem.

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