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[3.1.2]PhanaticMC[PvE][40][DeathChest, Lockette, LogBlock, Nethrar, RandomSpawn, TekkitRestrict]


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IP - tekkit.phanaticmc.com

About - You will spawn in a random location and be able to start building right away, free of lag and annoying long spawn points. This server is aimed at providing a more hard-working tekkit feel rather than generating everything while you wait. Tekkit dupes that are known have been patched and the overpowered items are blocked or are available to those who keep the server up through donations.


- Spigot MCPC

- Lockette for almost all tekkit machines, please lock all your chests

- Logblock with EE patch

- Self-Serve WorldGuard protection coded by me, type /protect for information

- Worldedit snapshots system

- Deathchest - Stores items on death

- Nethrar - better exact nether portals

- Dupes Fixed

- Major EMC exploits fixed


[1] No Griefing or Stealing. Logged with logblock, including EE tools

[2] Be Nice and have common sense

[3] NO free emc factories/machines

- no emc dupes

- no block breakers breaking auto-made items

- etc!

[4] Monster grinders/XP farms are okay

What Items are blocked?

- All of the donator items listed in the donations section are blocked to normal members, the items below are completely disabled

- Collectors & Mass fabricators: generates items out of nothing

- black hole band & void ring : many methods to dupe

- Chunk loading blocks : disabled to prevent server lag

- destruction catalyst, hyperkinetic lense, and catalytic lense : overpowered/easy griefing

- nuke : overpowered/easy griefing

- watch of time : annoying/overpowered

- waterproof teleport pipe - crashes server in certain situations

- gem armor : overpowered


Donations are lifetime

How to donate:

click any of the add to cart links below, or type /buy in game

Please give it a few minutes to verify the transaction, the effect isn't super-immediate

You will get access to the previously restricted items listed below for donating.

5 Dollars - add.png




Harvest Goddess Band

explosives, tnt, nova catalysts etc

gift of fully charged quantum boots

10 Dollars - add.png

The $5 rank +

water amulet

lava amulet

zero ring

gift of fully charged quantum boots and legs

15 Dollars - add.png

The $5 and $10 rank +

/back to return to death point

ignition ring

archangel's smite

mining laser

zero ring

gift of fully charged quantum boots, legs, and helmet

20 Dollars - add.png

The $5, $10, and $15 rank +


mercurial eye

ring of arcena

gift of fully charged quantum boots, legs, helmet, and chestplate

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Yet most vanilla servers have them. It is a plugin (or included in one), and if your server is meant to be vanilla then go ahead and remove every plugin. However, your server would not be Tekkit anymore. Don't expect people to pay $20 for /tpa, which anyone could access by going on the server below or above yours in the list, for free.

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Yes, I can see that. But the fact that you mean for a Tekkit server to be Vanilla is quite pointless. As I said before, for a good server, /tpa being easily accessible is essential. But if you dont want people using something that isn't vanilla, remove the teleporters, remove the plugins (BC, IC, RP, ect) and then you will have a vanilla server. But dont go ahead and insult the minecraft community by charging $20 for /tpa.

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You missunderstand me, my wife and I have been searching for a fairly new server to play on for a few months and we were really interested in yours until I read that we couldn't do /sethome, /back, /home, /tpa without paying money. Personally I don't mind not having them, they're just a convenience, but my wife is quite lazy and refuses to play with me without them. I don't want to play on a server if my wife wont play there with me and paying 20-40 dollars for her to have ease of transportation is not worth it.

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I actually really liked everything about it that I was reading until I read what I had to pay to gain access to the /tpa command. All I want is a nice, relatively small and new tekkit server that my wife and I can enjoy ourselves on for a few months. We'd host our own but don't want to spend the money this close to the holiday season.

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