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REI Shows IP in Login Text


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I have run into difficulty with trying to find where to disable or modify the login message that REI's minimap displays which includes the servers IP.

I am using the default version within the Tekkit loader and have been searching through files unable to find the information. I understand this is a client side mod so everyone on the server would need to make the same modifications.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Why is that an issue? Players must know what server they connected to (or can find out one way or another) and that just announces how many waypoints were loaded for that particular server from a file on the client beginning with that name or IP. I didn't even realize the waypoint files were client side until after connecting to a local server as, I connected to it as localhost, and my waypoints were missing. Eventually I discovered those client files and that I could copy my waypoints over from the file to the localhost file. If players set waypoints in other dimensions (nether or end) they end up with separate client files with that data also using a name beginning with whatever name or IP was used to connect to the server.

Apparently there are no plans to release the source code for REI's minimap, so to change it you would need to know Java and how to hack Java class files, and get your players to use the modified mod.

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Thank you for the information perhaps in the future there will be an option to show a name instead of an IP. The reason for wanting to hide that particular information or replace it with the name of the server is due to recordings and not wanting the IP to potentially appear in everyone's videos. We have decided for the time being that everyone is required to spam text into the chat prior to playing to scroll the IP off of the visible area.

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