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Need Plugin That Can Create A Creative Area On A Survival Map

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I am hosting a Tekkit (3.1.2) server with some of my friends, and we are all pretty new to Tekkit. I have gone through several bukkit plugins trying to get this to work. But I keep hitting speedbumps because the plugins are either not compatible with 1.2.5 R4 or it has a creative addon that is not compatible with 1.2.5 R4. I want the whole map to be Survival (that part is easy), but I want a small area (300X300ish) that is set to creative so we can test things. Here is some of the things I have looked into.

Residence lets me set areas (it has a 1.2.5 R4), and there is an addon ResCreative, but it is for a newer version of Bukkit.

Worldguard has a flag that lets me set an area to creative, but it requires Worldedit which I cannot find a 1.2.5 R4 version for. I think it skips from 1.2.5 R1 all the way to 1.2.5 R5.

It is quite frustrating, and it seems like this should be something not too hard to find, but I am striking out. Anybody got any ideas on a quick route to make this happen? Can other versions of plugins work with Bukkit or do I need 1.2.5 R4 and only 1.2.5 R4

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