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I'm looking for builders!


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Hey everyone! A few nights ago I couldn't sleep, so I sketched out a world full of awesome, just waiting to be built in Minecraft! After plotting out most of the ~finer~ details, I've started to put the whole thing in motion.

I want this to be big. I need people to build with, and I want the best of the best. I'm starting my search here, because it will be based in Tekkit. I know you guys are fantastic at what you do, and I could use as many of you as I can get.

A basic overview of what will go down:

* I'm currently investigating a server host to support our needs.

* I have an application set up for all interested in being a part of the build.

* Once the builders/server get sorted out, we will commence construction.

* After about 80% of the construction is done, I will designate Tekknicians to start the finer construction (wires, lighting, trains)

* When the construction is 100% done, minus Tekkiting, I will whitelist the server for the Tekknicians only.

* After the map is complete, I will open up the server for players, and will host the map for public download.

That all sounds interesting to you guys, right? Right!

If you have any questions, leave a comment! I'll be answering as much as I possibly can.

Thanks to all, and I hope great things come out of this project!


P.S. I thought I had created an account on here already. Apparently, I had not, so I apologize for my lack of posting!

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