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Sancarn's Tekkit Server Tour - 1


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Man it's been a while since I posted a tekkit video... And on the tekkit forums at all actually... But here it is, finally. A new video! =D

So I bring you the 1st of my Tekkit server tours!!! Within this tour you will discover an awesome, yet expensive, 3x3 door design, the Leap of Faith, my very own mass EMC generator (yet to be improved upon), the possibility of me live streaming while I make a 9x9 door and the beginnings of a sorting, request, auto-craft room!

Well I must say I hope you enjoy watching the server tour as much as I enjoyed making it with my friends! =) Hopefully these server tours will give you new ideas and help you become even more innovative with the mods than you were before! As well as just a bit of fun ;)

Enjoy! =D

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