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TEKKIT MINECRAFT Looking for people too do a let's Play


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Hello Mates! uuum so yeah me and Kipperinca are starting A HUGE fun Let's play so yeah...

Its gonna be basic tekkit no company wars or stuff just survival....a bit like Yogacast but not too much


-MUST BE OVER 14 ( We dont want sqeaky voices and stuff,we want mature people)

-Must know how too play.

-Must know a bit of tekkit

-Must have a sense of humor

-Need skype:Olivier the PC player

-Need steam:

-Hamchi also


P.S: we might start off a premade map.

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Hi, the name's Mike. I like to play Tekkit, build big and complicated. I dont yet have all the knowledge of tekkit down, but i learn quickly. So far I understand IC, BC and the beginnings of redpower, as much to make pretty cool automation. Skype is xander2257 and my steam is mikety2257. IGN: Mikety2257. I am just looking to play tekkit with people so that im just by myself when i build cool structures.

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Hello I have been looking to do a let's play for some time now. I meet all of your requirements, I have been playing tekkit for over a year now long befor the Yogscast got 10-12 year old playing and make the game $hit not know what to do -_-. I'm not someone who say they now it all, but when I say I now something I mene it. I'm good with EE2 red power2, all right with IC2, I know some about computer craft.

IGN: XGDoctorwho

Skype: XGDoctorwho

Steam: XGDoctorwho

Hope i can join and help out with a lp.

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While I don't know everything I am more than happy to learn it, and while I not the best designer I can follow orders pretty good.

I am interested in learning Computer Craft so if you are looking for someone for that department I would love to try and fill it.

Skype: chris.domurad1

Steam: irnman182

Let me know if I seem like a good fit.


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Sounds like a great opportunity. I would love to be in a group lp that actually happens...

I am 16

Skype: wildebeast50

Steam: wildebeast50

Ign: wildebeast50

Disclaimer: I do not claim to or have extensive knowledge of tekkit, I will know my way around for the early to mid-game but will be using the recipe mode in nei and the wiki a lot.

I will now prove to you my sense of humor...thank you, I'll be here all week.

Do you want to be added or should I wait for a request on Skype?

Ps: I would like to post this on my own channel plox.

PPS: I know I spelled wildebeest wrong, it is intentional.

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