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Deadlinux Plays - Technic Pack is Hard


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This is something I should've done a long time ago ...

Deadlinux Plays -- Technic Pack is HARD! (youtube playlist)



Hello! I'm Deadlinux, and I've been throwing some videos in a playlist of me playing the Technic Pack (through use of the Technic Launcher, of course), but only on Hard mode. Not HARDCORE mode, I'm not that silly. Also, I do experiment a lot with the Technic Launcher in Linux, and when I figure out a way to record (in a decent quality!) in Linux, I will be posting from there. (But heck, I'm still fighting recording in Win7 ... not a windoze fan...)

However, there are some quid pro quos.

  • -- I'm an idiot -- generally speaking there's usually an easier way to do what I'm trying to do, and I don't do that. But then pain and suffering is essential to a good game of Minecraft, yeah?

  • -- I'm an old man -- married with children and the whole bit. And I'm playing Minecraft just like every other guy my age! Talk about down to earth -- you don't get more real than that, eh?

  • -- I'm not a genius -- I watch a lot of the other really good LPer's (direwolf20, odedex, docm77, etc) who do amazing things ... and generally make us normal people want to go back to Vanilla.

HENCE, I'll often create new worlds just to find new ways of getting started, rather than becoming completely OP. Does that make sense? For example, why else would there be a knife in Balkor's Weapon Mod if you don't eventually end up fighting a werewolf with it, and losing? I don't get along with Werewolves...

  • I really love the fact that Technic Launcher exists -- I love playing these mods, I love watching other people play, and generally all things related. I wouldn't really play Minecraft if it wasn't for all the work going into the Technic Pack, et al. This is my way of saying thanks.

Please hop in and check it out -- I currently only play around with the Technic Pack, but I do want to dabble in the Yogsbox. I'm really not interested in Tekkit or Hack/Slash/Mine for recording purposes, so if you're looking for that stuff, you won't find it. I try to post once a week, so there should be some fun stuff to watch! Thanks, and see you soon. Cheers!

p.s. if you're interested in the whole channel, you'll find it here: Deadlinux Archives (www.youtube.com/users/comdrdawn)

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  • 1 month later...

I've been on hiatus lately, but that has been remedied. I added a soon to be four-part episode catching up on my progress with building my mountain into more of a home, and getting some of the major mods working. Specifically:

  • Redpower2 sorting machines - the easy way
  • EE, Buildcraft, Industricalcraft -- basic stuff
  • Thaumcraft -- a beginning into researching in Thaumcraft2
  • Mystcraft -- and how to get jumpstarted in Thaumcraft research

Check out the playlist below. I've got two more videos coming this evening to add to my "Technic Pack is Hard!" let's play.


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