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Uppdating the server,

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You propably already told us how to do a propper uppdate on a server already but.

i cant seem to find it / it is late when im typing this

I have a 2.0 tekki server and i want to uppdate to 2.1 whitout removing the current map on the server how do i do it?

and yes im retarded if i have completely missed the info on how to do it.

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also. it seems i have some kind of lagg on the server aswell. cause when someone login it starts laging as hell.

is it possible to dedicate some ram into the game ?

im hosting the server whit 100/100 mbit broadband and 8gb ddram whit 4.5 quadcore whit windows 7 64 bit

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Copying the map files to the extracted 2.1 server is all you need to do I believe... well and set some stuff back up. Just copy world, world_the_end, and world_nether. or whatever they are called for you (ex: if your world is named tekkit they would be tekkit, tekkit_the_end, and tekkit_nether).

You can edit the launcher.bat to give the server more memory, you can search for how to do that, same as allocated more memory to minecraft through a batch (.bat) file.

Also please edit your post next time instead of double posting, it makes the mods want to hit you with sticks.

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