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  1. Was talking on another forum about communities I was in and thought of you guys, sorry I really don't post here any more.

    1. Munaus


      so very few users remember you here, all the other cool kids are gone.
  2. Link is back, back again, to likely disappear in a month.

    1. Munaus


      Welcome back! I thought you were gone, grown up and raised kids by now.
    2. planetguy


      Hey, I remember you! Good to see you again.
    3. TheBytemaster


      You were before my time, but welcome back!
  3. No matter what you recode it it someone will say your recode should be in a better programming language. Eventually the code wars would get to the point it is in some architecture's assembly code. So in theory we could port Minecraft to a parking meter then? Nice.
  4. Yeah some games have some very neat (and evil) DRM. Kinda fun to see how developers like to mess with peoples heads for trying to pirate their game.
  5. Could have made it into a challenge like people playing Serious Sam 3 did with that invincible pink scorpion that followed and attacked the player on pirated copies. (or something like that)
  6. SSP: Potential Evil Overload Totalitarian Dictatorship (I shell leave the mortals alone, for now. As for the animals, they are used as needed to further my aspirations of owning that world) (Just don't let them know how lazy I am...) SMP: Chaotic Semi-Benevolent Theocracy (I am Link, Creator of this realm. I hold all the power! I shalt use that power to summon lighting unto your face and turn all the air in your house into cake!) (I do heal them or uncake the air shortly after, Semi-Benevolent after all.)
  7. I actually remember finding out about it. I found the bit used to nerf the queen. Didn't live up to the rumors of being attacked by swarms of angry bees, that would have been fun though.
  8. Not even that. If I recall correctly it disabled special drone types and queen breeding or something like that. No where near as climatic as people recall. Only apiarist were totally devastated.
  9. Haha, I like that "Blew stuff up" bit from that quote since all it really did was just broke the bees, which just does not have the some effect as base wrecking explosions. In the long run might have did a massive number on the ecosystem though.
  10. I do wonder when they will consider Minecraft done. Their was a lot of stuff they were going to add but have yet to get around to it seems. According to the wiki there was some form of at one point what appeared to be a way to have Minecraft.net launch Minecraft and connect to a server via a weblink. Not sure if their are still plans for that or if it is just left there from being planned then shelved. Wonder how many people will ask for Capes before the source is released. You know with if the modding API implementation is still they way they had planned awhile back (Package Manager style Repository from what I recall) they would be busy keeping the repo in order unless they outsource the work to someone else. IMHO Seems kinda like this is leading to the fact after 1.5 they will stop adding stuff and focus on bug fixes, engine improvements, and HOPEFULLY the modding API then sometime later the source will be released for everyone to toy with.
  11. I haven't kept up with it much but I believe they have or had a github running. But that seems it was only updated 2 times in July and 2 time in August. The blog hasn't updated since October. Right now I guess they might be sorting out request for the API and working on more bug fixes. Some of the stuff from the "Redstone Update" is stuff they talk about in the modding discussion they did a while back, The OpenGL update and whatnot. Be nice to know why they keep pushing the modAPI back. Seems any attempts to keep the development status public have fallen into disrepair. Wonder if they are just holding off till they get it finished instead of releasing it in a modular fashion. I can wait, I am just kinda curious what all they have done.
  12. Should be nice to see. Analog redstone should open new possibilities. I remember reading about the OpenGL upgrade in the ModAPI chat logs, the plan I believe is to go to 2.X with the current 1.X as the fallback. Their was talk about 3.X but I think they decided going with 2.X would benefit more people. Will be sad to see development end. Though don't know what that means at the moment.
  13. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

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    2. SimpleGuy


      Holy cow, I thought you had died. Welcome back!
    3. linkthegamer


      I might be dead, my first act upon returning was some necromancy on the splashes mod tread. Or I just have a thing where I am super active on a forum then drop off the face of the Earth for some reason. Whichever you prefer to believe.
    4. Munaus


      Long time no see
  14. They problem is you got the people who support the modpack (or modpacks in general) and will do anything to keep it as is and the people who do not like the modpack (or modpacks in general). I mean from my brief time on you know where (not MCF) people think modpack makers are little kids just like some people think a whiny modder is a kid. Funny thing is I bet at least half of both sides are adult or teens that just love to start shit. Oh well.
  15. I spent most last night playing it... that whole freaking series is addictive.
  16. With how crazy he gets playing regular and yogboxificated Minecraft I'm not sure we WANT to see him use high-tech weaponry. Might have to go watch his Literal Trailer for Bioshock Infinite, now.
  17. Re: Is there a version of the technic launcher that..... I got premium to play Minecraft, then I got Technic because it looked cool and I liked the idea of simple mod instillation.
  18. It supports single too. You silly loner.
  19. Not to mention he is running a 32-bit OS so he can't even access the full potential power of it.
  20. Re: Is there a version of the technic launcher that..... Though if one is paranoid enough they might figured that all admins and Regulars could be a single person posting as multiple people as a facade. But yeah, the launcher is open source as stated above and their are packet sniffing tools so you can see just what is being sent out from your computer.
  21. I think I might play some URU Live later, I had got decently far into the game.
  22. Dang, I got too excited about checking out ages that I forgot to make a linking book... Gaaaah.
  23. It works fine on vanilla minecraft and from the post has ZERO prereqs, in fact it seems to have small problems with most mod APIs (it replaces on of modloaders files). Not fully tested, I didn't install TMI/NEI yet and thus I still need to get some stuff to run a test on it. Just removed META-INF.
  24. Yeah, it is a rather silly game. Those are some HUGE eyebrow both player characters have.
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