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    Nothing as the valves are smart enough to only share liquids if they are the same.
  2. Another option is a infinite villager breeder which uses a villager in a mine cart that takes him to a fake house above a pen of villagers. Which triggers them to breed non stop as long as the mine cart villager is in the fake house and turns off when you wheel him out. This way you can quickly build up a ton of villagers and setup a auto killing system for the ones with bad trades, just do not kill them your self as they hate it when you do that. For more info this design was featured in one of docm77's video's and made appearances in a few other channels such as direwolf20's where someone on forge craft made it to farm pages.
  3. Here is said video in case your lazy - A good thing to note is you can copy pages that you already have to give to others or sell if your on a server.
  4. That is the secondary way to do it but is least desirable, easiest way is to build a villager breeder and abuse them for emeralds and pages.
  5. The way it works is simple, there are 2 primary ways to get symbols. First is to buy them from special villagers for anywhere from 1 to 64 emeralds.The villagers look like the magenta robe wearing priests but have a gold strip down their front. Second is to find lost library dungeons that only spawn in mystraft worlds and are a bit rare. These spawn on the surface and look like stone brick boxs filled with book cases, not hard to miss. So you can either hunt down a village with the right villager and farm emeralds or go diving in randomly created mystraft worlds that almost always have some instability to varying degrees. As you can still make random worlds with descriptive books, you just cannot get the symbols out of them.
  6. Last I heard that may be making its way into Tekkit lite soon and sounds like a awesome mod.
  7. Unfortunately for the modded minecraft community it is not as cut and dry as that. As mods fall into a legal grey area as distributive works of minecraft's copyright. Which makes their own copy rights very shaky in the legal world and most would not qualify to even think of copyright unless their changes were so different from minecraft that it would be impossible to mistake. In other words It is possible that one mod has a valid copy right but another one would not due to this.
  8. Due to optifine's anti modpack license and the fact that different people need different versions of it for best preformance it will most likely never be in technic/tekkit again. How ever it is very easy to manually install as basically a drag and drop install so their is no real point in complaining.
  9. Those are from the advanced solar mod which is a far better alternative to compact solar. http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=3291&pageNo=1 I can confirm that there are no solar panels in gregtech at all, other than the harder to make normal panel. However gregtech does add a ton of other generators that simply rock at what they do.
  10. Which is the reason that I think it is more likely that the mod authors/community around them will implode before any of the legal gray areas are truly touched upon. As for any possible court case the fact that DMCA take downs are being used opens up a legal door in the mess, as if the modders copy rights are truly garbage then the take downs would be illegal. Which is a door I hope gets opened for the fun it will cause.
  11. Their is no war between technic and the mod maker as we have been working rather hard to become a neutral party in the mess. However a chunk of the community on both sides of the fence still holds a grudge against the other side but as time goes on this is fading away. As for the war your seeing it is currently between the mod makers and the people that make the plus packs as well as the dns one. With the mod authors attacking with increasing harmful drm and even DMCA take downs. Which may even escalate to a court case or more likly a major shake up in the top tech/magic mods that are considered essential to any major mod pack. Personally I hope that the involved mod authors would take a long break from the community to cool down and allow new authors to replace them for a while. Sure we will miss their mods but by now there are a ton of alternative mods out their just waiting to be in the lime light.
  12. Awesome looking mod and it even allows anyone to include it in mod packs with out all the permission non-sense. It may even be able to replace build craft or even red power in mod packs if paired with the right mods. For example a mod pack with this mod paired with thermal expansion and bunch of adventure/magic mods would be interesting.
  13. MFFS has a way to generate monazite from EU and power the fields with out mining the ore but it greatly increases the power needed to run the system. A better option is the UU-matter recipe it adds for monazite which is possibly cheaper then running the fields with out it. Personally I like MFFS better as it has more options for protecting areas with its defense stations as well as better protection from cheaters. Namely the ability to strip trespassers of armor/items that you do not approve of such as their quantum suit or other destructive items. Insuring that the protection offered by the system cannot be bypassed by any means other then going into creative. However at this point it would be best to avoid swapping from ARS to MFFS due to the need to regen worlds for the monazite which really helps to reduce the energy costs of the mod.
  14. I vote all of the above, especially the part about the missing dog and men falling from the sky.
  15. He wanted the mighty technic devs to do something to the evil server that hurt his kids and to stop other servers from being able to do so in the future. With out realizing it is his responsibility to protect his own kids and not someone else's.
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