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  1. Probably the most annoying problem in the removal of IC2 is the lack in TE of some sort of serious mid-late game energy sources as in tekkit lite are nuclear reactors and solar arrays and mostly the total lack of fully renewable power like windmills , watermills solars or the most used late game power source the HV solar array . Sure you can go on with TE even without these power source but to reach a comparable energy production you will have to build huge power plants that use non renewable resources like lava or oil and that's not good . There are quiet a few ways to produce energy with renewable resources tough but still you have to get loads and loads of these machines to reach a comparable energy uotput . Anyway the new Tekkit is pretty awesome , and the "unified" energy system ( BC's MJs ) simplifies a lot the way Tekkit works and that's a good thing . For some serious late game power source , well , lets hope that the TE developer or some unkown guy who wants to make a addon for BC gives us a mod with a lot of new machines that work on renewable resources .
  2. With the anvil added by 1.4.5 we are able to enchant pretty much everything with every enchantment , but they'll work properly ? I read that there are some problems with some mod armors enchanted with protection enchantments as they don't have a proper damage value like normal armors and so they wear out and break . Same with weapons and tools . Now these mods have been updated a couple of times , the enchantments work properly now ? I need to know for Modular Powersuits ( a power 5 railgun is tasty ! ) , IC2 ( sharpness 4 on a nanosaber ... well that's overkill but also a fortune 3 diamond drill is pretty awesome ! ) and all of our techy tools .
  3. Pink lol @ marble : i'll try thx PS : if you didn't noticed ( maybe you're to young ) that avatar is not me he's Steve Buscemi as Mr. Pink in "Reservoir Dogs" a film of Quentin Tarantino
  4. 1. That's right i'm desperate T_T 2. well how can i find what mod is mixing with the textures ? this pack is abnormous T_T 3. thx B|
  5. here's my problem , i don't know if it's a problem with the server i'm playing on or with the new version of the modpack , the problem is that i see the powersuits as dyied leather armor and it's not a problem with the mod itself as i've tried the same mod on a ftb server and it worked fine showing the right texture , it's not even a problem of another texture pack as even in default texture pack it show the wrong texture . Any advice ?
  6. it doesn't exist , zeppelin and ships&boats are dead mods from a long time .
  7. Here is my problem , i've set up a refinery that runs on a combustion engines ( 3 refineries with an engine each ) , all of them cooled by a pump with 4 redstone engines that have reached max speed and i've even built a chunk loader to prevent the pump from stopping working . Everything is going in the right way since i leave the refinery to continue to put down pipes to connect my second oil rig in the ocean . I returned from this trip around half an hour lather and instead of my well built refinery i found a beatiful hole T_T . What's the problem ? I don't get it ! Everything is setted up correctly , all the pipes connected , the engines constantly cooled by the pump and there's even a chunk loader that keep everything loaded ... please help me ...
  8. Have you installed GSLS Shaders mod ? SEUS require that mod too to work .
  9. Try installing 64 bit Java , if still doesn't work try allocate more memory to Java and then allocate more memory to tekkit .
  10. You pinpointed the problem , MFFS require to restart a fresh new world to be efficiently take advantage of , and as many of us have already started a world from a long time it's not a good thing . Anyway i like much the security devices of MFFS but i don't think that they could be used in a normal server as it's equivalent to steal , probably in some anarchy servers these devices are premitted .
  11. Oh ok , that explain everything . Anyway i personally prefer Advanced Repulsion System as it has lasers ( frikkin' awesome lazerz ! ) and advanced tesla coils , and also it's only power dependant while mffs relys also on a ore ( monazite ) witch is not so common if you have started your world before this update :P
  12. Now , these two mods do the exact same things , what's the point to include both in the pack ? ( i'm not saying you have to remove one , i'm just curious , i've already eliminated one by myself )
  13. I'm trying to setting up a refinery too to power up my diesel power plant ( actually fuel is a powerful energy source as with 1 bucket you can produce 572k EU ! ) and i've figured out that you can run a refinery powered by only 1 combustion engine and it will generate enough fuel ( 1 bukket every 2 minutes ) to run about 20 more engines ( a bukket lasts around 45 minutes inside a combustion engine ) . @cashandraven : actually conduits are not so convenient on short distances as they have a fixed 5% power loss while golden conductive pipes loses 0.1% power per block ( so it is more convenient on distances smaller than 50 blocks ) .
  14. the username is because the folder inside Users is named like your computer account , anyway that was for windows , i don't know where is the install folder on mac , try to search .
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