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Imaginarium WIP Partial Source Code


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Since it's taking me longer than I had anticipated to get the actual mod part of this thing done (blocks/items/interface), I thought I'd go ahead and post this up here for people to diddle with in the mean time. All of the actual rendering code (including VBO usage) is in there, and you can see some of how it fits together. (It's not set in stone, obviously, but this as-is does work perfectly, so any changes in the future would just be improvements.)

Known issues: Lighting still isn't perfect, nor will it be, because Minecraft's default "lighting" is a combination of actual GL lighting, fake lighting done by rendering shadow textures and using color multipliers, a lightmap overlay for some but not all objects, weird and inconsistent usage of normals, and so forth. Also, the SmoothModelBuilder class needs to be reimplemented (the version with coalesced normals and texture coordinates per vertex, the counterpart to RoughModelBuilder which uses facet normals and disjoint texture coordinates), but the old code file with the algorithm in it is there to look at. Not included is the collision-detection (both AABB and pixel-perfect) which I have spread across several test files and isn't in a state suitable for public consumption at the moment.

Currently based on Minecraft 1.3.2 with Forge


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