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Retroactively Removing Items (Anchors).


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Evening all,

I've blocked world anchors on my SMP server, but forgot about Dimensional anchors, Teleport Tethers, and anchor carts. I have now banned them, but am worried (actually pretty sure) that there are already some out there in the wild.

Anyone got any advice or ideas on the easiest way to remove them, without knowing their location yet? Some sort of XRay? A plugin that can remove them after the fact?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Guest Ysharma

Theres a program, it was used long ago to convert tekkit worlds to a newer version, I dont remember its name, but it should allow you to replace all the anchors with air. Ill search around

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Thanks guys! I will definitely try those two solutions. Before I do though, I need to be able to ban the teleport tethers from use. I've managed to use NoItem to ban world anchors, but Teleport Tethers don't seem to be banned. I've tried using the block id 170, 170.0 and x170. But they can still be crafted/used/placed etc.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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